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Sharing is the most important thing we will do as teachers… teaching cannot and should not happen in isolation. It’s that time of year where everyone is planning away for the school year and resource sharing is a big part of the daily interactions between teachers. So today we’ve decided to compile a list of our favourite resources, both from our blog and other sites.


Advisory Activities – A variety of different activities and routines to start off the day.

Thought Block – Different thought provoking discussions and activities.

Classroom Rules – A great conversation to discuss class rules with students.

Video: An Open Letter to Students Returning to School – A video from John Green about why school is important

Erasing Meanness – One teacher’s lesson on kindness for her students.

Language Arts

Creative Writing Lesson – Showing the progression of a creative writing unit.

Read Aloud – Making read aloud opportunities meaningful for students.

Quote and Note – Strategies for meaningful quote and note activities in novel studies.

Poems for Two Voices – One of our most popular Teach it Tuesday posts.

Genius Hour – How to start and incorporate into your class, plus some resources that will help!

Reader Response Activity – A great tool for collaborative student responses.


Teaching Math – A blog post of ideas for teaching math.

Drawing Circles – An interactive group problem solving lesson for students.

Educating Now – A review of a great resource for math teachers.

Interactive Math Journals – This is the best resource if you are going to do Interactive Math Journals for math.

Math Journals Blog Post – Another great resource for IMJs.

Estimation 180 – A great resource to help teach estimation in the classroom.

Social Studies

Research Projects – A Teach it Tuesday on starting research projects in class.

Mummified Potatoes – A great resource for a fun activity.

Inquiry Circles – A social studies resource for inquiry in the curriculum.

Law Connection – A resource for bringing law issues into the classroom.


Creative Note Taking – A Teach it Tuesday with a few different ideas for note taking.

Science and Photography – A project based learning idea.

Body Systems – An exercise based lab for learning about the human body.

The Great Plastic Round Up – A book review for an environmental book by a local group.

The Science-Penguin – A great Teachers Pay Teachers store for intermediate teachers.


French Centres – Different centres and how to incorporate them into your classroom.

French-English Dictionaries – A great way to start the year and get your students using dictionaries in class.

Tellagami – Utilizing this app in the French classroom.

French Vocabulary – Ways to make learning new vocabulary more fun and engaging in the classroom.

Teaching FSL – This is a great blog full of ideas and resources for the French classroom.

Physical Education

Go To Lesson – A progressive ball game lesson.

PE Lessons – Teach it Tuesday post: basketball, soccer, volleyball, and kickball.

PE Central – Database of PE activities and lessons

What resources would you add to our list?


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