Teach it Tuesday: Community Building Links

Happy Tuesday!

Today’s Teach it Tuesday is a compilation of some of our most fun and inspired community building ideas we’ve used in our various classrooms throughout the last three years.  We know the first few weeks back to school are energy filled, pleasantly chaotic and downright exhausting for everyone!  We hope this list of our favourites can ease some of the anxiety you, and your students, might be experiencing this Back to School season.

Communication Calendars – A way to initiate conversation with each individual student, every day of the week.

Feel Good Friday – Begin and end your Fridays with a message of kindness.

Quick Drama Games – Play with your students…they will love it.

Circle Time – You can use this activity for every grade/class/composition of students.

Thought Block – Tap in to some of your students’ genius they bring to the room.

Dreams and Ambitions – What do you students dream about doing, being, becoming?

What’s on the Walls? – Maybe let your new students help you decide this year!

We are heavy on the community building in our classrooms and welcome other ideas you might have (tested or untested!)  Please share with us if you’d like!


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