Does This School Know What They Are In For?

We have some exciting news for you, our lovely readers!

Around the time we launched our blog, Tale of Two Teachers, we started talking about the idea of one day working together…we wanted to be in the same building, coaching a volleyball team together, starting a run club together and bringing bringing the energy through the roof together. We have been talking about this plan, in detail (down to the exact middle school) for months.

Yesterday this farfetched, yet specific, dream of ours materialized. Meaghan got a full time job at the same school as Karley, starting on Monday. We will be working together full time for the entire school year!!!

Thank you universe! We are off to share the love and gratitude with our community 🙂


5 thoughts on “Does This School Know What They Are In For?

  1. That’s such fantastic news! I can’t wait to continue reading all about your teaching adventures! Congrats to you both, and to those lucky students who get to be taught by not one but two fabulous teachers! Enjoy your weekend celebrations!

  2. Ahhhhh! Together! Holy smokes I am so happy for you two!! Honestly that’s a dream come true to have an instant partner in crime at the same school 🙂 I am looking forward to reading future posts about the things you two accomplish!

    PS I am a little bit jealous!

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