Setting & Achieving Intentions

Meaghan posted a beautiful, metaphorical running and teaching post the other day, so I told her I was going to write a running post today (not entirely teaching related, unless you include summer work/life balance as part of teaching…which I do).

This weekend I ran my first 10k race ever! The route was a gorgeous, flat 10k around the seawall in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC.

6.30am Race Day view at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.

6.30am Race Day view at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.


Back in early June I wrote a post about the 5k Goddess Run my good teacher friend, Jess, and I did with 16 of our middle school students.  Since then I’ve set some running and fitness intentions for my summer break.  This first year of teaching took a toll on my personal fitness level; I struggled quite a bit with work/life balance, gained a few pounds and did not have an ideal diet or fitness routine (possibly one of the reasons I was so sick since January?!)  Since the Goddess 5k I’ve grown to love running more and more; I feel proud of this new passion because until recently I have loathed running.  My cousin, Ali, and I were planning to do some kind of race together this summer and we finally decided on the Summerfast 10k in Vancouver.  Ali managed to convince her mom (my auntie) and her sister (my cousin) to do the run too and before we knew it, we had a solid training plan set! We only trained for 7 weeks (two of which I was so sick I couldn’t run at all) and we all ran personal bests.  My time was 1.04, one full minute faster than my 10k training time!

Ali and I getting started.  We ran the first 3k together and then she took off and finished in 57mins! So great for her first 10k!

Ali and I getting started. We ran the first 3k together and then she took off and finished in 57mins! So great for her first 10k!

I worked pretty hard for this 10k race considering I just finished a year of minimal physical activity.  I know I can work and run even harder and I’m prepared to take on my next intention: run a sub50 minute 8k race in October.  I’ve already registered for my next race, found a sub55 10k program on my running app, and purchased new runners.  Time to work toward some new intentions and find a way to include this new passion of mine into my work/teaching life!!

Post-race, happy 10k finishers!

Post-race, happy 10k finishers!

I’m open to any and all ideas you may have about work/life balance when personal fitness is at stake.  Please share your thoughts with me about this topic! I have several more weeks of summer vacation before the insanity of the new school year begins, but I am determined to create new fitness habits this summer and have them carry over into the new year (and by new year I mean September through June, because let’s be honest, don’t all teachers function on this type of calendar? Who does New Year in January anyhow? 😉 )


2 thoughts on “Setting & Achieving Intentions

  1. I’ve found that I am a MUCH better teacher when I work out regularly. It burns stress, releases endorphins (which make me happier and more pleasant to be around), and gives me that much-needed me-time. Don’t listen to that little voice in your head that says, “No time to run today. You have to grade/plan/call parents/etc.” You’ll be much better at all those things if you take the time to take care of yourself.

    • Such a good message to hear from someone who has more teaching experience than me! This year I hope to create and maintain a proper fitness schedule…I’ll be letting the world know how it goes via fall posts on here! 🙂

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