Extracurricular Activities – Run Club!

In Meaghan’s last post she mentioned coaching and other various extracurricular school activities she was involved with this year.  Meaghan’s an amazing human being…she really does DO IT ALL!  This year I, too, was involved in some extracurricular school activities: Dance Club and Run Club.  This post is going to focus on Run Club!

One of the best things about this year has been having the opportunity to reconnect and work with THIS lady:

...my lovely friend, mentor and colleague, Jess.

…my lovely friend, mentor and colleague, Jess.

A number of weeks back, Jess and I were texting about what we could do together at our school (we really wanted a project).  We quickly decided that we wanted to create a “girls only” run club (inspired by a few grade 8 students in our school); our intention was to run the 5k race at the 2nd Annual Goddess Run here in Victoria, BC.  Two days after this idea was born, we had our first run club meeting and about 30 girls showed up!  As all school clubs go, our numbers evened out.  We ended up with 20 girls, 16 of which registered for the Goddess Run.  For six weeks every Friday after school we met for a health related discussion, a run, and some stretching.  We also hosted some small fundraisers at our recess and lunch breaks to help offset our registration costs.

planning texts

Most of our run club and fundraisers were planned through rapid fire text messaging 🙂

Jess and I really were Team Supreme; between her crazy schedule and commitments and my own, we managed to pull this run club off together.  However, we definitely couldn’t have done this though without our amazing run club girls.  Seeing those middle school girls commit to running with us on their Friday after school time was beyond awesome…they were a joy to run with! In fact, the girls loved run club sooo much that we have decided to keep it going until the end of school! Woo hoo!

Today was the day of our race…all 16 girls came out and were ready to run! Everyone finished the race in 40 minutes or less and everyone had a great time!


Two of our run clubbers, holding hands and showing support for one another while crossing the finish line! So proud of you, girls!

I feel like the luckiest teacher on the planet to have worked on this little run club project with my dear friend, Jess, these AWESOME girls, and their supportive families.  For me, this is what real teaching is all about…community, joy, sharing life experiences OUTSIDE of the classroom walls (when possible), and learning about ourselves along the way.

Our pre-race chant...1, 2, 3 GODDESS! (followed by some spirit fingers).

Our pre-race chant…1, 2, 3 GODDESS! (followed by some spirit fingers).


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