The Elementary Switch

So first of all… it’s been a while! We both have lots of “we should blog about this” moments but getting them written down is another story. Today’s post was a toss up between this post and the “One Handed Teacher”… 

I broke my arm about three weeks ago so my weeks have consisted of a couple surgeries/procedures, a LOT of Netflix, and trying to get back to teaching before I was ready… typical!

Five years ago I did a practicum in a grade 1/2 class, but since then (besides subbing) I have been strictly middle school. Right now I’m back in elementary teaching grade 4/5 and I’m absolutely loving it! Although I’m definitely a middle school teacher at heart it has been an amazing experience so far.

Elementary Perks

The kids adore you! I get more hugs in one day then I have in my past 4 years of teaching combined probably. They give me beautiful artwork and their sweet faces absolutely light up when they see me. There really isn’t a much better feeling!

Work wise it is about the same in terms of time spent but I find that I’m much less exhausted at the end of a teaching day. I think this is partly because of the non-academic breaks and partly because you don’t have to work quite as hard getting kids to “buy in” to everything you are doing.

Elementary Challenges

These are my challenges, and I’m sure they would be perks for many other people. The CONSTANT holidays, special events, assemblies… When can I teach? This took me by surprise when I started February but I thought, “Oh it’s just a busy month.” Was I ever wrong! February was nothing compared to what May looks like. All of these events are great, don’t get me wrong! I just find it to be the hardest transition from middle school to find the time just to teach.

Another challenge for me is in the curriculum. I really love grade 7/8 curriculum and it has been tricky trying to get in deeply at a younger grade than I’m used to. Luckily I’m at a school that has so many amazing examples of inquiry based learning at any age!


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