Dear 2014

Dear 2014,

I have a good feeling about you.



I can’t wait!

I’m not really a “New Year’s Eve” lover but this year I’m looking forward to the fresh start that the New Year brings. I also have this wonderful feeling that this year is going to be amazing!

I feel very refreshed and in a good head space heading into January. It was a nice break from blogging but I definitely missed writing my random thoughts out and connecting with our amazing readers. I spent most of the holiday visiting with family and friends, running, reading, playing LOTS of card games and board games… and generally just relaxing. We were up with Ryan’s family for Christmas so lots of trail runs and family time, followed by a quick trip up the mountain with more family and a visit with my parents in their oceanfront condo – We live in an astoundingly beautiful place!

I have some resolutions and goals that I will share with you later on but for now here are some pictures of my amazing, rejuvenating holiday so far…


Some of my Christmas card creations… I love crafting – especially during the holiday season!


We hosted a “Whoville” themed Christmas costume party this year. It was a blast and I can’t wait to make it an annual event! (Check out that awesome Grinch sweater I made!)


It was the first year we spend Christmas Day together and also the first year I spend Christmas Day with another family… Very special for me!


We were blessed with some beautiful weather on our mini-mountain vacation but not enough snow for skiing so we had to make do with some snowball fights and sledding.

A big score in the gift stealing game at the mountain! These will come in handy for our 2nd annual Whoville party I'm sure!

A big score in the gift stealing game at the mountain! These will come in handy for our 2nd annual Whoville party I’m sure!


Then it was back down to the ocean to visit my parents (From forest to mountains to ocean – I do love this island!)


And we returned to find candy canes hidden everywhere… We love our friends who definitely keep us laughing! (I even had a candy cane fall out of the oven mitt I was wearing tonight – too funny!)

Happy New Year everyone! I’m so happy to be back in touch – Let’s make 2014 a year of gratitude, blessings, and choosing joy!


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