Teach it Tues-ednesday: The Christmas Edition

Today I am grateful for my wonderful boyfriend who took his lunch hour to bring me the CD I needed for the following lesson – Thank you!

Well – It’s the last week before Christmas break! Are you as exhausted, scatter-brained, and spacey as I am? Just hoping I’m not the only one! Hence why Teach it Tuesday is arriving on a Wednesday this week… But hopefully it will help you out with those last few blocks you aren’t sure what to do with and it gave me a chance to test it out today!

I absolutely love listening to “The Vinyl Cafe” on CBC radio anytime I’m in the car. Stuart McLean is such a great story teller and I love the everyday humor in his stories. I have very fond memories of the Christmas stories in particular and listening with my parents either at home by the fire or in the car. This week I’m in a grade 8 class and I decided that I would incorporate one of my favourites “Dave Cooks the Turkey” into language arts. (I used the CD but you can find it online here).

I made up a sheet that they can fill out while the listen: a four corner activity with a drawing, quotation, connection and reflection. Considering it was the last blocks of the day in the last week of school before winter break they were decently well done. If I was to do it again I would tell them that the drawing, quotation and connection need to come out of three different parts of the story (as some students did the drawing, quotation, connection from the first minute and my guess? Didn’t listen to the rest – ha!) For the reflection I had them write what the thought about the story, what was interesting/funny and whether or not they liked the story.

Here is an example of the sheet and some of the responses that students did:



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