Teach it Tuesday: Art-Ish

Today I am grateful for having the ability to act goofy and playful at any age and to have so many similar people in my life!
Just a quick post tonight as it’s busy holiday times for everyone! This is one of my favourite quick, low-prep art activities to do with students. It’s based on the book “Ish” by Peter H. Reynolds (available in our Amazon store if you are interested) – if you haven’t read this it is a must read in my opinion!

Here is my quick lesson that goes along with the book…


Top- cut out shapes, Bottom Left- Students at work, Bottom Right- “Tree-Ish”

1. Read the book – of course! I’ve done this with grades 1-4 but I think it would be well enjoyed by older students as well.

2. Discuss what it means to be an artist and how we can be happy with our work even if it’s “ish.” With older students I like to see the meaning they draw from the book and how we can incorporate it in class. Some examples for student answers have been from keep practicing to always encouraging each other.

2. Give each student a large piece of plain white paper and let them choose from a selection of random coloured cut-outs (see picture).

3. They must use their cut-out as is, glue it on the paper and create something out of it with pencil crayons or markers. My instructions are that the sheet needs to be completely coloured and detailed but adjust this to fit your needs/timeline.

And that’s it! Super easy and the students love picking out their shapes. I love seeing what they end up drawing… a favourite being the “Cat-Boat-Ish” picture I got from a grade 2 student on my practicum – love!


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