Blog Makeover Monday

Our blog got a makeover today and we are so very excited to share it with you!


Our little blog team hard at work…

A huge shout out to Meaghan’s brother for all of his hard work on his day off! We definitely couldn’t have done any of this without him!

Here’s a few things you can check out and let us know how you like them…

1. Try it: Yup! We have our own domain name now – We feel pretty proud of that one!

2. Our awesome new banner at the top! We are pretty excited about this and hope you like our updated look.


3. Teach it Tuesday posts (and Guest Posts) are now all in one place along the top so you can easily access our lessons and ideas.

4. Our Book Tales and Travel Tales are organized better under their heading sections and you can easily access our Amazon store to buy any books you are interested in directly if you wish.

5. Follow us by email on the sidebar – it will send you an email when we add a new post so you don’t miss out!

6. Search bar at the top to help you find any of your favourite posts directly on our site.

Let us know what you think and if there’s anything that would help make our site easier for you to access!


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