O, Happy Days!

WOW – what a week.  I don’t always say TGIF, but when I do, I really mean it.  You all have probably picked up on what an emotional roller coaster Meaghan and I have been since the start of the school year.  Questions, such as these, have been filling our text message inboxes for the past three weeks: Are you working? Am I working? When is that French exam happening? Am I going to even PASS that French exam? Am I going to get this job? Why are they taking so long to get back to me about this job? I really want to be at ____________ School.  Do you think I’ll get a job at _____________ School? I’m exhausted, is 9pm too early to go to bed?  Why am I so broke?

We’re nutty.  We drive ourselves nutty.  We talk about teaching until our partners and friends can no longer stand to be in the same room as us.  We can’t help it.  We love our job and we just want to have our own classrooms and propel ourselves deeper into our teaching practices.  Maybe we will hit a wall one day…but for now, it’s the nuttiness that’s keeping us alive.

SO – guess what happened this week?  We got jobs!  I’ll let Meaghan share her story, but here’s mine!

Remember this photo from this post back HERE?  Well...I am proud to announce that this is now an untrue statement :)

Remember this photo from this post back HERE? Well…I am proud to announce that this is now an untrue statement 🙂

The other morning at 8.27am, just before the bell rang to start off the school day, I got a phone call.  The nice man on the other line was calling from the school district to tell me that I had passed my French as a Second Language oral test (taken the day before).  I tried to remain as calm, cool and collected as I could, but inside I was literally BURSTING with joy.  Understand this: pre-July 2013 (yep, that was this past summer), I did not really speak French. I know you all remember Meaghan and I going on and on about our French school experiences (and if you don’t, you can read them here and here), but I don’t know if I can accurately convey to you all just how much I learned this summer!  I guess the fact that I managed to have a 20 minute conversation in French is evidence enough that I did a lot of language learning this summer.  I am so extremely glad that I took LMF and I highly recommend the program to any teachers out there who are contemplating either learning French or improving their French.  Follow this link to learn more about La Maison Francaise.

Anyhow, FSL test passing was a huge milestone for me.  I was the happiest girl in the school that morning as I ran down the hall, hugged my dear friend who teaches three doors down, and high fived another teacher.  We were in celebration mode for a very good reason.  You see, having FSL certification (in our district at least) is essentially a “make it or break it” deal when it comes to getting full time teaching jobs in middle school.  Passing this test wasn’t only exciting for me on a personal satisfaction level, but it also officially qualified me for all the full time job postings I applied for.

Fast forward through the day, which was probably a great day in the classroom, but I can’t really remember anymore.  It was around dinner time and my phone rang again (I swear I’m not this popular on a daily basis…)  This call was from a lovely principal in our district and he was calling to offer me a full time job (until June) at his middle school.  My actual first response to him was, and I am not kidding, “You’re JOKING me!”

Nope.  He was not joking.  I burst into tears (still on the phone to this lovely man) and accepted the job.

So, on this day, not only did I get my awesome French test results, but I ALSO got a full time job.  Does this happen in real life, people? Does it?!  My new principal laughed with me as I remained stunned and blabbering on the phone (must actually be a really fun job for principals to offer new teachers jobs!) and told me that I should celebrate by going out for dinner.

And that’s precisely what Joel and I did.

The most excited Grade 8 science teacher you've ever met!

The most excited Grade 8 science teacher you’ve ever met!

8 thoughts on “O, Happy Days!

  1. Congratulations Karley!

    Double congratulations actually – one for passing the french and more on top for getting a contract! That’s incredibly exciting for you, and incredibly lucky for those kids! I am still loving the blog (and constantly amazed that you both find the time to write!) and also grateful for the tips and suggestions and honesty that you share.

    Enjoy your first week! Can’t wait to keep reading about your adventure!

    Grace =)

    • Thanks for your readership, Grace. Meaghan and I both love to write, so for us this blog is pure enjoyment 🙂 My contract doesn’t begin for a few more weeks, so I’ve got some time to plan, prep and TOC before it’s full gear!


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