I’ll do it tomorrow…

Procrastination… Sigh. One of my biggest obstacles/challenges/learning curves/etc. this year! I absolutely love planning and prepping for my classes. I get so excited everytime I come up with a new project or lesson idea and I can work for hours of my free time on it. But marking? That’s another story! And report card writing? Don’t even ask!

So, because I’m always the one saying I’ll do it tomorrow, I tried to come up with some ways to avoid the crunch time marking, mark entry and report card writing that I struggled with in my practicum. My goal this year was to only assign work that I’m interested in marking, in hopes that I would actually be inclined to do the marking!

And for the most part – it worked! I really loved reading my students worked. I adored their completed projects (like our French Storybooks!) I was enthralled by their creativity – their ability to turn a simple assignment into a work of art or something truly personal and meaningful.

But I still had that pile of marking sitting on my desk more often than not…


And I still had to hand back that assignment a couple weeks after spring break that no one remembered doing…

And I still had a student ask when I was going to hand something back that I had promised to hand back… errrr gulp… over a week ago!

This year I even had two different students write (respectful) persuasive essays about why teachers should have due dates too (they swore they didn’t write about me but the cards aren’t stacked in my favor on that one 😉 )

Although I feel that I’ve improved leaps and bounds over last year (re: not marking on my precious weekends!) I still have a long way to go on this one! I only had 2 subjects too teach this year… a full course load might send me off the deep end!

I want… No- I NEED your help!

How do you stay on top of your marking?

Do you mark all of your students’ work or choose key bits and pieces?

Any other tips for new teachers like me?

As always, your help and advice is loved and appreciated!