Teach it Tuesday: Videos


Today I am grateful for having an afternoon off to spend time with my mom. I absolutely love getting to have some time for just the two of us and it made for a really nice afternoon – Plus she is a pretty awesome person and I’m VERY lucky to be her daughter!

For Teach it Tuesday this week, I wanted to share some of the videos (YouTube, DVDs, Netflix) that I’ve either used or would use for teaching (organized by subject for your convenience). I think these can come in handy for a last minute substitute teacher lesson too! I don’t use videos often when I teach but I do know they can be an effective teaching tool when there is a good amount of discussion involved with the videos.


“Japanese” Multiplaction (YouTube) – I haven’t used this video yet but I can’t wait to use it at the beginning of the year to show students how we can think outside of the box with math. I would love to see what different ways they could come up with then the standard algorithms they have been taught. We did a lot of this in my “Teaching Math” course in university and it really helped me to gain a deeper understanding of what it is that you are actually doing!

Also check out this blog for links to more awesome math videos.

Language Arts

Hackschooling (YouTube) – I find that if there is anything that gets middle schoolers talking and writing it’s the topic of education – what they like, what they would change, what’s frustrating, and the list goes on and one! I would love to watch this video with students and follow it up with a good discussion and some persuasive writing. Think – a letter to the education minister or school principal about what they think is important!


Blue Planet (DVD) – I used these videos with my Water Systems on Earth unit in grade 8. It was a great thing to put on for a catch up block so some students could finish assignments but all students were engaged. My class really loved the videos and some interesting conversations came up after watching.


Un Monstre à Paris (Netflix) – An animated film that has lots of music and is engaging for younger students as well as middle school students (we watched the English version with grade 8’s for Halloween and they liked it!). Depending on your students levels I would watch it with French subtitles – they should be able to get a lot of meaning from the animation as well.

Physical Education

Bodyweight Exercises (YouTube) – I’m really not trying to say that you should show videos instead of getting physically active but this video is a pretty cool example of some of the things the human body is capable of doing! I find it pretty inspiring to think what we are capable of with some dedication and I think it would be an awesome introduction to a fitness class or discussion on health and wellness, and how we don’t need to be that extreme to be healthy. (I would definitely watch it on mute because I guess I’m old for my years but that music gets on my nerves after about 2.2 seconds!)

Social Studies/Music

Evolution of Dance (YouTube) – This could be used in so many ways! Obviously music/dance connections but I think it would also be neat to look at the historical events that took place during the years for each of the songs and build connection between music and history. Especially since most students will recognize at least a few of the songs in the video. Also the wedding video version is pretty awesome!

Do you use videos, movies or multimedia in your classroom?

What are your favourite student-friendly videos?