Other Days…

So after seeing this way too perfectly true quote…

We thought we would create a collection of some of the best examples of “Other Days” in this teaching world. (Thank you teacher friends for your contributions!)


Some days you change the world. Other days you…

  • Raid the desk looking for absolutely anything that contains chocolate, caffeine, or sugar… even if it’s not your desk and you’ll have to replace it later
  • End up laughing with your class over just how bad that lesson was
  • Eat all of the cookies left over from your morning Fika
  • Watch funny cat videos at your desk until it’s an appropriate time to leave the building
  • Find the pile of “things to hand out” still on that front table after the kids have gone home
  • Give yourself a sticker at the end of the day just to make things a little bit better
  • Extend the silent reading period until you can gather up enough strength to finish the afternoon
  • End up crying in the textbook room where you hope no one will find you
  • Borrow a friend’s dog for “bring pet to school day” only to have one of your students spend the whole day on the floor with the dog
  • Crawl into bed as soon as you get home from work without turning on a single light, and wake up, super confused, with your keys still around your neck
  • Have to lie down on the school couch in the dark for your lunch hour
  • Book yourself a substitute teacher and realize later you booked them for a day over Spring Break
  • Sit at your desk having a debate over whether or not students actually need feedback on the assignments piled in front of you
  • Have to actually turn the radio off on the drive home just for some peace and quiet
  • Eat all the leftover icing after a wild gingerbread man hunt that you planned for 50 kids at your school
  • Wear slippers to school and are so tired that you don’t even notice until recess
  • You actually look forward to a staff meeting because there are cookies

We all have those days! But laugh about it, shake it off, and remember the times when you are changing lives.


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