Thank you, Thank you.

Today we have a short and sweet “thank you” post to our entire support system and professional learning community and network.  Our blog has been on fire this week since I posted Teach it Tuesday (Blackout Poems) and Meaghan followed up with her Choices and Changes, and Letter of Intent posts.  Our Twitter feed has been busy, our Instagram (yes, we started a Tale of Two Teachers Instagram account this week!) has been gathering followers, and our WordPress stats have been skyrocketing! There is probably a correlation here between us actually posting and us receiving feedback…ha!

But jokes aside, allow us to share some gratitude with all of you for your readership and support.  We started this blog almost three years ago with the intention of using it as a tool for reflection on our teaching.  We never dreamed the feedback, opportunities and connections we’ve made in three short years would derive from this blogging process, yet we still stand firm in our belief that this blog has served as our most beneficial learning tool in our careers thus far.

Thank you, everyone, for encouraging us, asking deep questions, trying our lessons, providing feedback, mentoring us, hearing our frustrations and witnessing our tears, celebrating our successes and guiding us through the crazy experience that is teaching.

We love our jobs.


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