Choices and Changes

I feel like my blogging this year has been a lot of updating on “what I’m doing now.” Well here it is again… Some choices and changes in my life these days:

Change: I have a new job! As of February 1st, I started in a grade 4/5 class at one of my favourite schools. It’s a full time job until the end of the year.

Choice: I had to leave a class of kids that I loved in order to take this job and saying goodbye is always so hard.

Change: I’m no longer in middle school. This was a hard change for me as since my final practicum (besides subbing days) I have only taught in middle school and it truly is where my passion in teaching lies.

Choice: Since the end of last year I have talked about possibly trying out upper elementary and this choice was definitely a good one! I am loving having a class of (mostly) adoring children who draw me pictures and give me hugs – awesome!

Change: My commute time is now negligible… I can literally walk to school in less time than it took me to drive to my last job. This is the best change!

So with all of these choices and changes there has been a lot of emotions. It was very hard to leave a class and school that I love, and I have even kept up with some volleyball coaching at the last school because it’s hard for me to say goodbye. Transitions are hard for anyone I think, but it is always nerve wracking for me to start up a new class. I find that it takes me about three weeks to feel comfortable with new routines, a new school, and a new group of students. I must say that although there are some transitional difficulties, I definitely find that this transition has been one of the easiest. I know the school, have friends on staff, the previous teacher is still around, the class is awesome, and there is great support staff in the room.

In the interest of my year goal – fulfillment, I am really happy with my choices. I am more fulfilled in my personal life and my teaching life with this new job.


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