Things Liz Gilbert Says

Elizabeth Gilbert’s most recent masterpiece, Big Magic, was a gift to myself for Christmas.  The other day I finally reached Big Magic in my rather extensive reading pile and my goodness am I ever glad this book was buried so deep in the line up because Liz’s words are speaking straight to my soul right now.  It’s like the magic piece of Big Magic was waiting until the very most wonderful moment read it.  Last week I hit a low point in my teaching.  I did a lot of reading, writing, playing and singing over the weekend.  On Monday I walked into my classroom literally a changed person.  These words have revamped my view on my craft (teaching) and have helped turn my perspective from bleak and desperate to uplifted and inspired.

“So try saying this: I enjoy my creativity.  And when you say it, be sure to actually mean it. For one thing, it will freak people out.  I believe that enjoying your work with all your heart is the only truly subversive position left to take as a creative person these days.  It’s such a gangster move because hardly anybody ever dares to speak of creative enjoyment aloud, for fear of not being taken seriously as an artist.  So say it.  Be the weirdo who dares to enjoy.” p. 118-119

I do believe teaching is a creative art.  At least the teaching I like to do is.


This one above hit me hard.  Never enough time? Umm…yep.  Never enough resources?  Hello.  Support?  I’m actually pretty well supported, but rewards?  I’m fairly certain in my last post I hinted at the thanklessness that can run rampant in this job.


And then there’s this!  Managing oneself between those glorious moments of success and good feelings.  It’s easy to get caught up in the mess of teaching.  It’s easy to feel helpless and lost and completely frustrated.  Studies show that new teachers are often pushed to the point of exhaustion so that they give up entirely within the first five years.  So how am I managing between those bright moments?  Last week one might say I wasn’t managing at all.  I really really needed this quote.

If you feel like you need a little creativity boost in your craft, I highly suggest Big Magic.  It’s easy to read, astoundingly hilarious (I’ve had several “legit LOL” moments), and, as Liz Gilbert can only be, bluntly wise.  Check it out!


Peace and Love,


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