Teach it Tuesday: Holiday Lessons

Hi everyone!

Are you as burnt out and exhausted as we are? Only a few more days and then we will all get a nice break, but until then, here are some links and fun holiday lessons we’ve either created and used ourselves, or found on the internet (and used in our classrooms).  We hope you enjoy these last few days of 2015 with your students!

Christmas math:  These free, printable worksheets and puzzles are suitable for students grade K-8.  Some of the activities involve counting, and others involve order of operations questions, so there is quite a range of skill available here!  I walked into my grade 8 class room this morning and decided to bail on my math plan for the day.  I opened my computer, Googled “Christmas math” and this is what popped up.  I think a few of these exercises will do the trick for today’s math block.

Also for math, these free Christmas logic puzzles are always a hit! I’ve used them a few years now and they are a great way to get some engagement in those last few days of math class before the break.

Christmas themed “Would You Rather”:  Leah and I write a “would you rather” statement on our board everyday with hopes that our students will use their name tags to check in for the day. If you are looking for ideas there is a list of questions here.  Here is our “would you rather” for today:


Clearly our white board eraser doesn’t work that well…

Mad Libs:  I had a TOC yesterday afternoon and she left me copies of this Christmas Mad Libs.  I have no idea where she found them, but I took a picture this morning to share with you all.  I am sure (again) a quick Google search will solve the problem! I like that this Mad Libs is actually lyrics from the real Christmas carol.


I Have, Who Has: This Christmas spin on a classic game is something I am saving for the last day or two with my grade 6’s. It uses “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” to have students figuring out the clues and it is a perfect way to have students work together and talk to each other while I’m still really working on building up community with the group.

Crafty Times: Last week Leah and I worked on snow globes with our grade 8s and used the crafts as gifts for various teachers at our school who have helped us out throughout the term.  I realize these take a bit of prep and planning, but if you happen to have 30 Mason jars on hand, these make for a fun and cute activity!


We laminated small photos of our students participating in various activities this term, filled the jars with bottled water (tap water did not work well) and added sparkles!

Gingerbread Cookies:  Again, something that takes a bit of prep, planning and money (admittedly) but definitely worth it!  Yesterday for Fika my grade 8s decorated gingerbread cookies.  We have a student in our class who is experiencing her very first Christmas, so all these traditional and adorable activities (setting up and decorating a tree inside, cookies, songs, etc.) are extra fun for her right now!  It was great to start off the day calmly with a group of usually very high energy kids.


Other links and activities:

We hope you have a wonderful (and fast!) last week and a happy holiday!


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