Better Late Than Never…

You know those times in life when your “to do” list just seems a bit more like a “don’t do” list…

Life has been a bit crazy and a lot tiring lately so my good intentions of getting this post up over a week ago has ended up not happening until now. I’m okay with this though, it happens.

What’s new?

Well I’m home from my 5 weeks in Fiji and New Zealand. I definitely want to do a post on that soon but it will have to wait because…

I got a job! I’m teaching at the same school as last year full time right now. I literally got off the plane at 5:00 pm on a Wednesday and walked into my new classroom Thursday morning, jet lag and all. It’s been a crazy go of things but I guess that’s just how I tend to do things in this life.

My class is an amazingly lovely group of grade 6’s and I am feeling very blessed… and tired… but mainly blessed – ha!  I haven’t taught grade 6 since my first practicum which was only 3 weeks long and 5ish years ago now. I’m surprised by how different it feels than grade 7 but I did want to do something different this year so its a good thing!

So what now?

It’s a bit of a funny time of year to start: most other teachers are dealing with report card stress and burnout, students are gearing up for a break, and I feel a bit lost in a whirlwind of new students and jet lag. I’ve been really trying to get to know this class well because I feel the pressure of time with the holidays coming up so quickly. I’ve been trying to have individual meetings with students, I have a meet and greet with parents this week, and I’ve been using Communication Calendar‘s daily to get to know them better.

Curriculum wise I’m just trying to get a feel where they are at. We are going to be using Greg Tang Math for basics practice and we are doing a Christmas unit in French (now posted to our Teachers Pay Teachers site). I’ve started a read aloud to practice some of the skills and routines that we will use in language arts. We are doing an Hour of Code next week and have lots of holiday events coming up as well.

Karley and I have both been actively planning what we want to blog about – but finding the time to actually do it is a different story. We hope to keep posting as much as we can and we love staying connected with this amazing professional community!

Please let us know what you are doing this year!


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