A Little Spark

“Wow, I’m going to leave early today,” I say as I pack up at the end of a 9 hour day of work. Then I realize I am putting another 1-2 hours of work in my bag to do at home and that really is the only reason I’m leaving on time. But, hey, at least I actually took a 30 minute lunch break today!

How did this happen? Remember when I mentioned here my schedule of when to leave each day and how I don’t bring work home with me? Well I lost it… and I haven’t got it back. I think it got lost somewhere between that pile of marking, the resources from all the amazing pro d activities I’ve been doing, and the extracurricular volunteer work. Yup, that must be where the balance went!

And along with the balance I seemed to have lost some of my passion, enthusiasm and drive. Yes, yes, I know it is normal to get a bit tired and stressed at this time of year but the past few weeks I’ve been in a bit of a negativity rut that I just can’t seem to shake. It’s been frustrating because it just isn’t who I am as a teacher or a person.

A Little Spark

What did I need to snap out of this funk? A little spark of inspiration! I’m planning my next social studies unit (Ancient Rome) and was feeling stuck. So I asked around, and, as usual, I got lots of great ideas that started the ball rolling!

Finally getting to visit Pompeii after reading a book about it when I was 12 years old...

Finally getting to visit Pompeii after reading a book about it when I was 12 years old…

I’ve been to Italy and Rome twice and I was trying to remember all the things I would most want to share with my students – then I remembered the complete awe I felt wandering through Pompeii. And with a little research I’ve been able to come up with an exciting idea (I will blog about it later – promise!) that also requires some collaboration.

In the long run it didn’t really matter what the lesson was, I needed the reminder of my own passion and the opportunity to collaborate with someone new. That’s what I love about this teaching thing – You can’t do it on your own! It’s like a team sport, if you don’t receive a pass sometimes you aren’t really in the game…

I don’t know how long this spark will last but I really feel revitalized and excited again… Maybe even enough to tackle that stack of marking on my desk in the morning…

What is the “spark” that keeps you going when your feeling stressed or negative?


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