When Pigs Fly…

Speaking of where our inspiration comes from, I’m so excited for a new monthly activity I’m starting in our class that came to me while listening to one of my favourite radio stations (JRFM). They have this thing on Friday’s called “Pigs Fly Day” and they will play a song that they normally wouldn’t (like oldies or a different genre). So how does this relate to my classroom?

IMG_3434On the last Friday of the month we are going to have “Pigs Fly Day” in our class. This week I will put a box out with some slips (PigsFly) for suggestions and the class will have a week to enter suggestions for things we could do that would normally never happen… i.e. “When pigs fly…”

Here are some of the suggestions I have given to start them off (but I’m hoping they will be much more creative than me!)

  • Pajama Day
  • Movie afternoon
  • Cookie decorating
  • Games day
  • Indoor campout

So this is not exactly part of the curriculum or anything but my hope is that it will help build more community in the class and strike some creativity up as well. Plus, I really think having fun in the classroom is one of the most important parts of teaching!

What things do you do to bring a little more fun into your classroom?

Any great ideas for our “Pigs Fly Day”?


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