What Has Blogging Done for Me?

I have been thinking about our blog a lot lately, although you probably wouldn’t have guessed that based on my lack of posting! There are a couple of reasons that it has been on my mind more than usual but a big one being that I have really missed posting regularily. Blogging has been an important part of my teaching practice and although I am crazy busy right now with full time teaching, coursework, coaching and trying to have something that resembles a social life, I really do miss the blogging piece!

1. Self Reflection
A friend reminded me the other day about how much self reflection I’ve done because of this blog. It has truly helped me to become a better teacher and better learner so much faster. The lessons and ideas that I write about here are so much more rooted in my mind that I find it easier to remember what I was doing or teaching about last year and comparing it to where I am at. Like this lesson last year, I was able to do it again this year but added a few more very effective tools to make it even better.
2. Connecting
It’s funny re-reading your own words- sometimes it feels like reading someone else’s words and sometimes it feels like I’m just talking to myself HA! This post on being a shy teacher has been popping up on our “most viewed” list more frequently lately and I was wondering why. I went back and read it and remembered the state of mind I was in at the time. A lot has changed since then but I am still so grateful to be in a profession where connecting with new people is the most powerful thing I can do, there are so many amazing people in this teaching world! And to be able to connect with other bloggers and teachers from other parts of the world is an amazing feeling.
3. Inspiration
Karley and I were talking about a teaching plan we had the other day and we both thought “this will make an excellent blog post!” It’s funny where inspiration can come from. Usually our posts are inspired from something we have done at school but sometimes it’s the other way around – we want to write an awesome post so we do something in class. This might seem a bit self-serving but you know what? I think in a job where you have to be “on” all day, everyday it’s a good thing to get inspiration anyway that you can! And obviously collaborating with Karley is a big source of inspiration as well!

So on that note… Blogging is good for me and I am making a commitment to start blogging again more regularily. But we would also love some help! If you have any ideas for topics we would love to hear them, if you want to guest blog for us please shoot us an email, and if you enjoy a certain post let us know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “What Has Blogging Done for Me?

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