Teach it Tuesday: Advisory Activities

Long time no chat! Things have been a bit crazy in our lives so blogging seemed to come to a grinding halt. We still have lots of ideas and intend to get back on the blogging train as soon as we can.

IMG_3385Our middle schools have a period called advisory every morning which allows us to handle any messages, attendance, etc. but is also a time to do things like Feel Good Fridays and other class/team building activities. In my class I’ve tried a few things out in the past month, most of them involving little or no prep so that things can get going while I’m dealing with attendance, newsletters, etc. So here are my new “go to” activities for Advisory…

Goal Setting

Every Monday, students write up a new goal on a sticky note and post it on the board. They also do a reflection one their last weeks goal that we keep in folders altogether.

Partner Talks

As mentioned in this post, I have been trying to incorporate more AB Partner talks into my lessons. For advisory, I write a few sentence starters on the board and they are to sit with their AB partner and chat until announcements come on. It is a nice easy way to incorporate some additional time for other subjects as well, e.g. “Tell your partner about your creative writing assignment.”

Math Investigations

I received a book of these at the math conference I went to and then I added a few of my own games as well. These short little math activities make for a great, interactive start to the day.

Thought Block

This one I’ve already talked about back here, it still remains one of my favourites. It really gives more opportunities to explore those pieces that I love about teaching but sometimes get lost in the curriculum. Most recently one of my friends gave me a lesson based on the Pixar short film “For the Birds” that addresses bullying behaviours.

Other Activities

And the self explanatory ones: math facts, silent reading, student choice… these all still have their place! My class really enjoys silent reading and it really does make for a nice start to the day.

What are your favourite lessons these days?


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