Teach it Tuesday: Class Sneak Peak

So I’m not feeling very inspired and creative at the moment… A LOT going on the past few weeks! I don’t have any creative new lessons for you but here is a sneak peak into our class work for these last few weeks before Winter Break.

Language Arts – We are currently working on a Novel Study for The Giver. This book definitely has its pros and cons for teaching with the full class but it is one of my absolute favourite books and sometimes I feel like that is reason enough to do something (as long as you match it with pedagogically sound activities) because I can bring in the excitement I feel for the story. There are also lots of tie-ins with popular books these days like The Hunger Games and Divergent.

Math – We are working through a unit on Fractions, Decimals, and Percents. My favourite thing so far has been taking the time to conference with (almost!) every student to discuss how they are doing and areas they need help with. I feel like I’m being much more attentive to the individual needs of my students this unit and I’m hoping that it helps!

Social Studies – Our unit right now is about Ancient Egypt and since we are coming close to the end we have been having some fun with different activities. The favourite right now is our “Mummified Potatoes” that are currently going black in the classroom. I do love the hands on learning though!

French – We are continuing with our French Centres but I have adjusted some of the stations to fit a Christmas theme (the game and the vocabulary – I’m waiting on a couple of books to change up the reading station).

PE – I am teaching French to another class so I don’t get to teach PE regularly anymore but I did get to hold onto my Friday morning fitness block. Last week we did some Tabatas for our workout which was pretty fun! I love getting a workout in with my class first thing in the morning.

What is your class up to these days?


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