Jobs and Goals

You may have read about Karley’s awesome new job back here. While she is returning to dance teaching like her first year, I’m returning to the same school as my first year! I got a job teaching grade 7 three days a week at the same school I was at back when we first started our blog. I started off this year with some pretty set goals in mind of what I wanted and, after a little bit of stress and anxiety, everything seems to be on track for a pretty awesome teaching year.

Besides my goal of getting a job (and my dream of a grade 7 job at that!), I also have some more specific goals this year in regards to my teaching. Well to be totally honest I had A LOT of goals this year for my teaching… But then the school year starts and I realized that I actually would like to have the slightest bit of a social life and maintain a shred of sanity, so I’m going to pare back a bit and stick to two main goals this fall (and one more to add in January if I end up with another contract).


I really love teaching French – It’s fun, you get to play games, and there is a lot of creativity and flexibility in what and how you teach it! This year I really want to create some successful French centres that allow for students to be successful, practice their oral language in small groups, and to be independent. Although I have started the year off teaching in a more traditional manner, I have plans in the works for my French centres that I think I will be able to start up in November. Has anyone tried centres for language learning before? I would love to hear some more ideas! So far I want to have centres for read aloud, oral language, DuoLingo, games, and then unit vocabulary or project.


IMG_3217My main goal this year is to become a better math teacher… Now I realize that this may sound like a broad goal, and really I guess it is, but when it comes down to how I will be successful in this goal it is more narrow. I am going to be more adventurous in my approach to teaching math, I am utilizing many resources available to me (more to come on this), and I am accessing any and all opportunities that come my way for teaching math. I can’t be more specific about this goal because I don’t know exactly what will work for me yet. So far it has just meant that I clear the kitchen table and get to work with some manipulatives on a Sunday night…

Some of the methods I want to try are:

  • Interactive Math Journals
  • Manipulative Lessons
  • Creative “Hook” Lessons
  • Project Based Learning
  • Small Group Teaching
  • Centres Based Approach

I might not have time for all of these approaches this year, I also might find something that seems to work with my class and just stick with it to see how it goes. Math has always been a passion of mine and I am really looking forward to the journey of trying to make math relevant and engaging, while still reinforcing topics.

(If you are from BC and want to join me on my “math mission” you should come to the BCAMT Conference too!)

What are your teaching goals this year?

Any suggestions for my French/Math goals?


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