Staying Happy


The start of the school year always seems to bring me a lot of stress and anxiety as a substitute teacher… and this year more than ever! It’s the not knowing about work – whether or not I will work enough let alone where and what grade. I always want to be more prepared to handle this time of year but it never really seems to be that much better. My plan this year was to go away and miss the first couple of weeks of stress but we all know how that turned out here in BC. So I had a few thoughts for my post this week about goal setting and dream jobs but I think what is most important for me right now is to just let it all go and be happy.

So here it is… The 5 ways I’m staying happy during my least favourite part of the school year:

1. Cooking and Meal Prep

I think it is because everything work wise in my life seems so out of my control that anytime I sit down and control aspects of my personal life it feels really great! I am making some of the same food items that I wrote about here and here.

2. Friends and Family

Making time to spend with the people I love is a sure fire mood lifter! Especially after I’ve been away traveling for a few weeks, it’s been really nice to catch up and spend time with everyone.

3. Reading

As soon as the school year really kicks off I find it hard to find time to read. Right now I am really enjoying some of the books I have to read for one of my courses so I can even knock off two birds with one stone on this one!

4. “Me” Time

This is something I have always struggled with – I’m a social personal and often forget to take care of myself by simply spending time by myself. Beyond the stress, I’ve been feeling pretty emotionally drained these days for a variety of reasons so taking some time to just relax and have that “me time” has been very helpful for my stress levels.

5. Exercise

As much as running is usually my go to, never fails, can’t get enough exercise form – I haven’t really been feeling it lately. I’ve gone on a couple runs that are short lived or turned into long walk and talks with a friend. Instead I’ve been spending a bit more time on yoga and some other activities that make me feel relaxed and ready to go.

What are your go to ways to stay happy when you are feeling the stress?

Is anyone having an exciting start to the school year?


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