Throw Back Thursday

Since it’s the first week of school here in BC we thought it would be fun to do a little “TBT” post (Throw Back Thursday) to some of our favourite and/or most popular posts we have written. Let us know in the comments if you have any requests for posts to come this year!

Teach It Tuesday’s

1. Poems for Two Voices – A Remembrance Day themed activity that uses the Two Voice poems. This post includes the lesson and an example poem from grade 8 students.

2. Dreams and Ambitions – An activity that works well at the beginning of the year to get students talking and dreaming! Includes a link to a worksheet template on our Teachers Pay Teachers account.

3. Review Games – Well we know what the beginning of the year means… Reviewing! So here we have a bunch of different games to use to review material.

Guest Posts

1. Classroom Environment – A teacher friend of ours shares her classroom set up last year for a French Immersion primary class. It is full of pictures and inspiration for setting up your classes this year!

2. The Courage to Lead – An amazing leader in our district shares her insight into what teacher leadership can look like and most importantly – Finding the courage to lead!

Book Tales

Our book tales are reviews of books that we have read and loved (or sometimes just lists of what we are reading). Here are two favourites:

1. Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

2. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

Joint Posts

These are two of our favourite posts that we have written together:

1. Dear Practicum Student

2. You Know You’re a Substitute Teacher When…

Karley’s Posts

1. Speaking Up: My Story – Karley shares about growing up a victim of bullying and how those negative experiences, combined with pressure from the gymnastics world, helped shape who she is today.

2. Letter to my Class – A letter Karley wrote to her grade 8 class at the end of their roller coaster year together.

3. How Yoga Informs My Teaching – All about how yoga on and off the mat makes the academic classroom a better place for both teachers and students.

Meaghan’s Posts

1. Tales of a Shy Teacher – Meaghan shares about the experiences and difficulties of being a shy teacher and how she works to overcome some of the challenges.

2. Coming Undone – Opening up about anxiety and personal struggles, Meaghan shares about how she has learned and grown throughout the process.

3. Strength and Love – After going through some difficulties with the job system, Meaghan shares about how she dealt with a big challenge.



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