Book Tale: The Invention of Wings

Along with summer comes a LOT of reading time! This is one of my favourite things about having time off. I try to read a little bit each night before bed but I usually only get through a page or two before I’m too exhausted to keep my eyes open. In the summer I can stay up reading as late as I want and it is awesome!

jpegThis book has been sitting in my bedside table drawer for a while, just waiting for a chance to be read. Sue Monk Kidd is one of my favourite authors and I have been holding onto this book for a while waiting for a chance to read it. It was worth the wait!

“The Invention of Wings” is an AMAZING story based on the Grimke sisters’ lives but with fictionalized characters that bring the story to life. The story follows Sarah Grimke and Hetty (Handful) throughout their lives starting when they were young girls. Handful was given to Sarah as a birthday gift, her own slave despite her wishes for abolition. The story follows them throughout their lives as they grow and change, sharing the tender friendship that is built in a strained world. The side through the eyes of Handful is beautiful but hardened with the sadness and despair of the truths of slavery. Sarah’s story is about her struggle to find a place in the world and to make change in a powerful way.

I was glued to every word of the story and could not put it down! I think it was one of the only times that I finished a book, read the whole author’s notes, and then proceeded to research about the story right away – I just couldn’t get enough!

In many ways, I related to Sarah Grimke’s character (obviously I am not a pioneer in abolition and women’s rights, nor am I trying to claim that I’ve gone through even a fraction of what she and her sister did) because of her strong will to make the world a better place. There were so many moments when I could just completely see myself in Sarah’s shoes – unsure of the best course of action. Being born into a middle class white world but having this deep unrelenting feeling that you can be a part of the change in the world, that’s where I relate the most.

I cannot recommend this book enough, it sparked a passion in me to be the best of who I am and to push myself past the dominant world view that it is all too easy to look through. It was a reminder of the sacrifices that will need to be made in order to make change in the world and it was also a reminder that change needs to happen – we have come a long way since abolition and women’s suffrage but we still have a long way to go.

Sue Monk Kidd, you did it again – you opened my mind and my heart. Please read this book! I promise  you will be enthralled by the characters and the story.


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