Photography Fun

One hobby Joel and I share is photography.  Three summers ago we bought our camera (Cannon T3i) because we wanted to be able to take some of our own pictures during the months leading up to our wedding festivities (we had three main wedding events over the course of 5 months…maybe I’ll tell that story one day).  Since purchasing our camera we’ve bought and sold various lenses and bits and pieces for it, studied a few photography courses and we’ve taken TONS of photos of people, places and things.  Some of our most favourite photo sessions have been with our dear friends, the Peros.  These days we are finding it challenging to take out the “real” camera; iPhones and Instagram filters always seem to be the most convenient.  I love a good photo sesh with friends to remind me to put the tiny iPhone down and take out the real deal…it’s way more fun!

Yesterday I took 500 photos in just over an hour.  I sifted through all of them in the afternoon and got 42 great shots! Here are some favourites from yesterday’s fun photoshoot:


Aren’t they a beautiful family!?

photog4 (1)

Camera clicking noises make for excellent baby entertainment!

photog4 (2)

She was really into her sand digging yesterday.

photog4 (3)

This little guy gets cuter every day.

photog4 (4)

She actually requested to go home to bed post photo shoot. Models work hard, you know?

photog4 (5)



Here are some photos I’ve taken of our favourite kids in sessions past.

photog3 (2)

Learning how to put on shoes!

photog3 (1)

Taken a few weeks before baby brother arrived!

photog2 (2)

Baby brother – one week old.

photog2 (1)

Baby brother – one week old.


My girl when she was just a tiny thing.

We need to do photos of these kids more often than we have been lately! Love them!


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