The Road Trip

A good road trip is among my list of top ten favourite things in life.  When Joel and I first started dating he used to pick me up for lunch from high school and we’d drive around our small town and eat burgers or Quiznos.  Ten years later (yes, we’ve been together for a decade) driving with Joel is still one of my all time favourite things to do, which is why whenever we drive anywhere I make him drive, even if we are in my car.

Some of my favourite road trips I’ve been on include, but are not limited to: Côte d’Azur (2012) for ten days, Zac Brown Band concert at The Gorge in Washington state (2013), and our annual road trips up to Shuswap Lake where my inlaws live.


FRANCE (2012)

We went to France for three weeks in May 2012 for our “honeymoon”.  I was just finishing Uni at that time and because Joel married a poor student (lucky him) he got a generous tax return that year, which is how we went to France.  Thanks to our dear friends who own a house in southern France, we were based out of a tiny little town called Prayssac.  We rented a car for ten days, named him Jean-Pierre and hit the coast.  Among our stops were the cities/countries of Marseille, Cassis, St. Raphael, St. Tropez, Nice, Monaco, San Remo (Italy), Carcassonne and Toulousse.  I absolutely loved this route by rental car as opposed to train because we could stop and go as we pleased, listen to and sing along to whatever music we wanted and bring our own pillows with us.  Here is a clip of our most favourite road in southern France, leading us from Cassis to Bandol:

(PS – does anyone watch the British car show, “Top Gear”? We are avid fans, hence the “Babe Gear”…lame, I know).

Getting double parked is all part of the fun experience of road trippin'.  I'm supposed to be doing a "thumbs down".

Getting double parked is all part of the fun experience of road trippin’. I’m supposed to be doing a “thumbs down”.



We are country music fans (and so is Meaghan, so haters you keep hatin’, but we’re just gonna sing louder!) and Zac Brown was on our concert bucket list for quite a while; therefore, I’m sure you can imagine the excitement when Zac Brown announced their concert at The Gorge.  Big deal for us, so we bought our tickets, dug out our passports and planned our lighting quick road trip that totaled 2.5 days and 1050 kilometers.  One of the highlights of this trip, which took place in mid-September, was the unexpected 36 degree weather on concert day! One of the slight letdowns was that after we purchased our concert tickets Zac Brown announced they’d be performing in Vancouver the day after their show at The Gorge.  I was pretty angry for about 15 minutes before I realized half the fun of our experience was going to be our mad dash from Victoria to Quincy.  Trust me, the drive was worth it.  Zac Brown played for three hours without a break and we stood and sang at the top of our lungs the entire time.  I cried twice.



 THE LAKE (annual)

Joel and I grew up in the Okanagan, which essentially means our summers revolved around how much boating we could cram in.  Joel’s summertime childhood was spent on Shuswap Lake at his grandma’s cabin.  Now Joel’s parents and his extended family have a plot of land on Shuswap that has been subdivided and developed into five lots with “cabins” on them (I say “cabin” because really those structures are legitimate houses).  Since moving to Victoria, we usually get up to The Lake twice per year and the drive is entirely worth it.  Not only do we get to hang out with Joel’s fabulous fam/relatives, but we always get some hiking, sailing, swimming, relaxing in as well.  Now that my parents live on the island I am extremely grateful to have Joel’s parents in the Okanagan because they’re keeping us tied to our hometown.  Joel’s parents are never allowed to move (you hear that, inlaws!?)  The Lake is so glorious in any season – we love it there.


See what I mean? Glory.


Last but not least, road trips require a lot of singing and car dancing.  It is important to have a quality soundtrack for long drives, so you can imagine what I’ll be doing in the next few days in preparation for our Canada Day 2014 road trip.  Here are a few of our singalong “must haves” for this year’s Canada Day road trip:

One of us loves Ke$ha the most and let me assure you, it's not me.

One of us loves Ke$ha the most and let me assure you, it’s not me.

Happy Canada Day long weekend everyone! Drive safe and sing loudly if you’re road trippin’.  See you next week,



2 thoughts on “The Road Trip

  1. Love love love road trips! Every 2-3 years we set off from the UK, through France and Spain. There are a few places that we love and revisit every time, but the rest of the trip is usually completely unplanned and exploring 🙂

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