Off Balance

I wasn’t going to post tonight (I already missed yesterday) because I’m in a bit of a funk today. But that’s the thing about this blog, we try to be honest, even when things aren’t going as great as we wish…

I’m feeling off balance these days and I’m struggling to get back on course. Since my issues with anxiety two years ago I have been really good at trying to maintain balance in my life. I just feel a bit overwhelmed these days and I think that sometimes writing everything down helps so here it goes:

1. Teaching

I absolutely love my class right now and I am so grateful that I was given this opportunity – BUT I’m stressed out at work. I can’t seem to get a handle on my marking pile and I don’t want to short change students and not give them my full comments and feedback. I am in the middle of a really fun and interesting unit that I am very proud of but I feel like every day I’m adjusting my vision and needing to prep more and do more. Technology is a wonderful thing but sometimes it doesn’t work out and needing those back up options had me stressed out today. On top of this I have the typical social-emotional worries for all of my students and I never feel like I have the time to help them individually as much as they need.

2. Running

Running is my stress relief, my mental health break, and a necessary part of my life. I love setting goals and accomplishing them, too! Marathon training has been a crazy process so far and there have been many ups and downs. Right now I’m feeling a bit down with it. My running is going well but the amount of time it takes to complete the training is driving me crazy. Some days I just want to stay home and curl up in a ball instead of throwing on the runners and getting out the door. It was also easier when it was winter time and I had nothing else to do in the evenings – now there’s softball games, barbecues, etc.

3. Health

In the past week I’ve been to massage, physio, and the doctor’s trying to sort out a variety of things. I’m on antibiotics and two different allergy medications. My body is sore from running, exhausted from fighting off infection, and tired from too many nights of not enough sleep.

4. Everything Else

The past few weeks have been a wonderful mix of friends and family visits. I love spending time with everyone and HATE missing out on things so I always say yes even when I really need to stay home and relax or get things done. It’s so hard to balance my needs versus wants when it comes to free time. I feel so much better when my place is clean and laundry is done and put away but when it comes to spending the time to do that everything else seems to take priority – school work, blogging, friends, sports… Whew!

So what am I going to do? Take things one step at a time to get back on track.

Tonight I will come home early from something even though I know I will want to stay late. I am going to set aside time to do my coursework when I won’t have any other distractions. I will remind myself what I love about running and enjoy the time I get to spend doing that. I am going to take time for myself and not worry about all the “should do’s.” And I’m going to try harder to get a full nights sleep each night.

Anyone else feeling the “end of year” push already?

How do you get yourself back on track when you’re off balance?