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Today was our school district’s turn to walk the picket line.  While Meaghan and I didn’t walk the picket line together (we work at different schools), we definitely experienced similar responses from the public driving/walking/cycling past our respective schools.  Meaghan and I agreed that most people were supportive of teachers and CUPE staff today; however, there were definitely a few curse words and unmentionable fingers thrown around.  We survived our first picket shifts of our teaching careers and it looks like we might be experiencing another picket shift next week if things don’t clear up by then.

My mom has never walked a picket line in her life, but she came out today to support teachers!

My mom has never walked a picket line in her life, but she came out today to support teachers!

If you are an educator and you have Facebook, you’ve most likely seen all the links, articles and letters related to this job action flying around.  Meaghan and I chose a few of our favourite pieces and thought we’d share them on here for those of you who are international readers/might not have seen these yet. Enjoy!

A parent’s view on this week’s strike action: HERE

A teacher’s apology to “the average student”: HERE (this one made me cry because it reminds me of my own students and our grade 8 class)

A teacher’s letter to Christy Clark, our province’s premier: HERE

If you have any other fantastic letters or posts, share them with us in the comments section!

Thanks to the public for your support, honks, waves and cheers today as we teachers and CUPE staff in SD61 stood up today for what’s right for kids!




One thought on “Picketing & Articles

  1. The letters you linked are great! I hadn’t read the parent one until tonight. Excellent!
    Hang in there! How nice to have the support of your Mom! I was able to connect with former colleagues at my previous school before I did my afternoon picket duty.
    I spoke and walked with CUPE, HEU, retired teachers, and former Union leaders.
    A very satisfying horn honking, muffin eating day!

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