Hey, you! Listen up!

A series of events have happened over the past few days that found me in the emergency room not once, but TWICE! Of my seven years living in Victoria I had never set foot in the hospital and then BAM.  Two days in a row.  What are the odds?


The hospital sign above is an accurate description of how long it takes to see a doctor while waiting in the “emergency room”.  In April, for example, it takes…hours.  In my case, five and half hours, to be exact. Needless to say, my Saturday was less than awesome.

My Sunday was also less than awesome, as I found myself back in the emergency room (more of a scheduled check-in because the same lovely doctor was working all weekend.  Bless him).  I left Sunday’s session with strict orders to “lay low” for one week, paired with a doctor’s note to stay off work.  Now…those of you who know me well know that “laying low” isn’t really part of my lifestyle, but as I hobbled my way out of emerg, I knew I had no other choice.  On the flip side, I was kind of excited because I’ve never been ordered to stay off work before…except for that time I was given a doctor’s note to quit my job because I was so allergic to the trees I was working with that I ran the risk of anaphylaxis (cue my dad: “Who knows where you get all these allergies from?”)

So I am now halfway through my week of laying low and do you want to know what I’ve done so far?  Nothing.  My friend texted me to check in and see how I was doing (she’s also bringing homemade pie over tomorrow night since my ability to move around and cook right now is relatively non-existent).

THIS is what I've done for three consecutive days.

THIS is what I’ve done for three consecutive days.


Confession: I had never played Candy Crush before this escapade began.  In three days I’ve become a champion.  My husband warned me to not spend money on the game…or else.

I’m trying really hard to have a chill attitude about my situation right now and it hasn’t been that easy.  As you’ve probably guessed, I cannot run.  In fact, I highly doubt I’ll be able to do my scheduled half marathon coming up June 1st.  I’m a wee bit peeved about that fact because I had been working SO diligently on this particular goal.  However, Meaghan had a brilliant idea – she told me to ask the race organizers to change my half marathon registration to a 5k registration.   I know I will be able to do 5k again by June 1st, so I might just follow Meaghan’s advice!

My body is screaming for some attention right now in a, “Hey you! Listen up!” kind of way.  I think the fact that I ended up in emerg over the weekend is a sure sign that I need to slowwww down for now.  I can’t be the person I am meant to be if my health isn’t in check.  And I certainly cannot be the teacher I know I am when I’m ordered by a doctor to stay at home for the week.  I said that I’ve been doing nothing this week, besides eating and playing Candy Crush (ha!), but what I have been doing is a whole lot of thinking.  Work wise, I’ve crafted up a science test in my mind (now just to type it out!) Priority wise, I’ve listened to my body more than I have ever before and I am learning quite a bit about what I need and don’t need right now.  It’s pretty amazing, actually.  The yogi in me is doing backflips because of all the self-awareness/learning that is happening from my reclined couch position!

This post’s closing words of wisdom come from a certain pop artist by the name of Ricky J:


When you body screams those words to you, you better well listen! Now if you’ll excuse me, my cat is calling me back to the couch.

Keep care everyone.


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