Teach it Tuesday: Handwriting


Teach it Tuesday is taking a bit of a different spin today.  Usually for Teach it Tuesday we share a lesson that either Meaghan or I have created and taught.  Today we are wanting to ask your opinion on a topic that has been a hot debate for quite some time now.


In case you can’t read my scratch, that sticky note says: “Today’s Teach it Tuesday is about the smokin’ hot topic of handwriting.  To teach it…or not to teach it?

Meaghan and I discussed this topic before we decided to post about it.  Meaghan thinks that the time used to teach handwriting could be put to different use in the classroom.  I agree with Meaghan, but a small part of me is selfishly nostalgic for the beautifully scripted, loopy letters.  I remember learning and practicing handwriting in early elementary school and having to write in cursive all the way through grade 7 (and this was only 13 years ago!) Personally, I adored learning to write in cursive because I felt very distinguished and grown up; however, I can imagine that many of my classmates struggled with and loathed this practice.

I know that in some parts of Germany (and likely many other countries) a person’s personal writing style, when it comes to literally scripting letters and words, is very much a part of the culture.  When I went to school in Germany nearly all my classmates wrote with inkwell pens.  I learned that being gifted with one’s first inkwell pen was somewhat of a cultural rite of passage and I remember thinking, “Isn’t that beautiful?”

*Fun fact: On my recent trip to California I was lucky enough to wander into a stationary shop (I’ve been known to do such things) where I stumbled upon the world’s only retractable inkwell pen.  Naturally, a very kind German man owned the shop.  I even got to write with the pen, and no, I did not ask how much it cost.

Anyhow, there are many articles, videos and opinions surrounding this topic available on the internet for your perusal, such as this one, which offers two principals’ views on the idea of cursive writing in the classroom.  We’re curious about what our readers’ opinions are on the topic of cursive writing. Those of you who are teachers, do you teach handwriting in your classrooms?  Maybe you once taught handwriting, but have since ceased that practice?  We hope to generate some conversation on this topic in a respectful and intellectual manner in the comments section of this post.  Please share!

Post-edit: We recently received an email from James at Pen Heaven.  James shared a post with us, written by his colleague, about handwriting and he suggested the linking of our two posts might be beneficial to readers.  So here it is!



3 thoughts on “Teach it Tuesday: Handwriting

  1. I know that many boys who have incredible difficulties with printing, and reversing and inverting their letters, love and totally excel in cursive. I was able to see this in front of my very eyes at an all-boys school. It’s also good fine-motor practice.

    Furthermore, if one chooses not to actively teach it, maybe it can be in an extra-time activity box? Or an extension for students who need a further challenge?

    • I love this approach to it Kasey! I think there is use as an extension I would just be very hesitant to give up my class time for a handwriting program or something like that.


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