Welcome Back Teaching World

So our Spring Break ends today and we are back at this teaching thing starting tomorrow morning. Even though we took a break from blogging about “teacher things” there has still been a lot of teacher things going on in both our lives because it is who we are. Heading back into the schools tomorrow makes this a perfect time to share with you what’s been happening in my teaching life.


First off, I got a new job! As of tomorrow I will be teaching grade 8 full time at the middle school that Karley was at last year. I will be there until the end of May teaching English, French and PE. I am really excited for this new opportunity and a little nervous for my first week with another new class. The good kind of excited~nervous though!

This new job also meant saying some goodbyes. Both my other contracts this year have been at the same school and I loved it there! I know that good things are ahead but it’s always sad to say goodbye to a special staff and some amazing students.

Another big change in my teaching life is that I made the decision to upgrade my education. My program was a 4 year degree program but I graduated with a bunch of people who completed a 5 year program. So in our province this puts me at a category 4 on the salary scale. Now I don’t care too much about salary but I do know that one day I will want to do a masters program so I feel like now is a good time to do these extra courses I need to do. I chose all online courses so that I can still manage the rest of my life (teaching, running, social life, down time). The integrated program I’ve chosen is based on the theme “multicultural and minority education” the courses I get to take for this are right up my alley with things I want to learn about and ways in which I want to improve my teaching practice.

I wish everyone the best as you had back into schools tomorrow (or good holidays if you are still out on break!)


One thought on “Welcome Back Teaching World

  1. Congratulations on your new job and for making the decision to advance your education. I could not imagine the work, patient, confidence involved in teaching 8th grade students. You and Karley seriously are my heroes.

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