Teachers’ Time Out – Food Prep

As you may remember from this post, I have started making big batches of breakfasts that I freeze and then grab and go in the morning. It was a great system that lasted for about 6 weeks (pretty good I think!) but then I didn’t make any more so it just fizzled out…

Until today! I’m back on the food prep bandwagon today with a few new ideas.

I made the same breakfast burritos as before…

12 Burritos filling up my freezer for quick and easy breakfasts!

12 Burritos filling up my freezer for quick and easy breakfasts!

And I slightly re-vamped the quinoa egg cups because I wanted them to have more egg (I used 9 eggs for 12 cups with the same veggies/salsa/quinoa and added some shredded cheese on top because I forgot til the last second – Phew!).

The finished product - Yum!

The finished product – Yum!

I ventured into snack territory with some homemade fruit roll-ups. (Recipe from Momables)


Strawberry Fruit Roll Ups… They are delicious but I don’t know if they are worth the insane amount of time they took in the oven. Maybe if you have a dehydrator…

Finally, frozen lunch ideas were next on my list. We are pretty good about having healthy snack items and leftovers around for lunches so it’s usually easy to throw together a lunch but I thought that it would be nice to have something a bit different once a week for lunches.

I started with an idea from Averie Cooks (via Pinterest) and then changed it up a bit to make it fit my needs…

Lunch Pockets – 8 Servings


  • 2 packages – Pillsbury multigrain croissants
  • 8 tbs – Cream cheese (I used light plain cream cheese)
  • 8 tbs – Salsa
  • 1 Avocado





  1. 20140320-182948.jpgOpen a package of Pillsbury multigrain croissants and lay them on a flat surface.
  2. Spread cream cheese over croissant (avoiding the edges).
  3. Chop avocado into thin slices (1/8 of the avocado on each croissant) and lay over top of the cream cheese.
  4. Top with a tablespoon of salsa and then cover with a second croissant cover from the second package of croissants (you may have to carefully stretch the dough to fit).
  5. Use a fork to press the edges together – Lesson learned the hard way on forgetting this step!
  6. Bake at 375 degrees for 12 minutes (until the outside is crispy).
  7. Let cool and then enjoy or freeze to enjoy later.


3 thoughts on “Teachers’ Time Out – Food Prep

  1. I really enjoy your blog! Nice cooking ideas! My most successful work food is homemade soup- frozen in glass containers with nice plastic lids( I bought a large set of them). Grab and go! My favorite recipes come from the Soup Sisters cookbook. I rotate a variety of kinds in my freezer. Last year I organized a group of women from “up island” to cook for Soup Sisters- Victoria. Happy cooking!

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