Teachers’ Time Out – 10 Reasons Why I’m Happy

So if you aren’t in the mood for over the top cheery, sunshine and rainbows you probably want to stop reading right now. You also may want to avoid me for the next while. Why is that? Because I am just so genuinely happy right now in my life! This isn’t to say that I was unhappy before or anything but the past few weeks I have just felt happy and grateful every single day.


1. Running

I just started my marathon training program two weeks ago and it has been going so well. Also, I’ve started running without music (or podcasts) this past week and I’m really enjoying it. I always ran with music because I figured it was just what you do but I hate having earbuds in during a race – I’m one of those crazy runners who has a smile on her face through most of the race because I LOVE the energy of everyone out running together. So I figured it was time to start training without music and for some reason I find I’m pushing myself harder and feeling much better mentally because of it.

2. Vacation Days

This next week I have absolutely no work to do! I ran a Spring Break Camp last week which was a lot of fun but this looming week of freedom has kept me in great spirits and now that it’s here I feel giddy about the idea of doing whatever I want each day!

3. Travel Plans

Now if you know me in real life you probably know that I’m a bit of a dreamer… As in if we talk about “maybe going somewhere” in the next while I spend 3 hours looking up places to stay and things to do… It’s a bit obsessive and ridiculous honestly haha. But Ryan and I are starting to plan a trip to Indonesia and it’s no longer just a “maybe” so my reading and researching is definitely coming in handy! I’m really excited to travel to a new country and it’s also the first trip outside of North America that Ryan and I will be doing together!

4. Good Books

I tend to go through phases of reading but for the past month or so I’ve really made sure that I carve out time in my day/week to read for pleasure and it has been great! I have finished a bunch of books that I have been wanting to read and it is definitely a great escape from my busy mind.

5. Warmer Weather

Now I know it isn’t summer weather yet but we have had some beautiful, warm sunny days the past week – I even got a sunburn! (Keep in mind that I’m a pale, freckled Irish girl so I always get sunburned and it’s not like it was bathing suit temperatures). I really love where I live all year round because we are close to everything and just a 5 minute jog to the ocean path I run on most days but in the summer this place is the best and I can’t wait for another season in my paradise.

6. Amazing Friends

I have a great group of girlfriends from childhood that is still very close. Some of them I have known since preschool, others from elementary or high school. There are 9 of us that hang out on a semi-regular basis (not everyone is in town still but I see everyone a few times a year). March is birthday month for this group (three friends have birthdays within 4 days!) so we always get together more in March and it’s so nice! I really love that we have all moved on with our lives and branched out lots but we have such a good, fun, supportive network to come back to whenever we can.

7. Finances

Honestly I never thought this would be a reason I was happy… Without going into too much personal detail, it’s hard to try to pay off student debt with a new job that isn’t exactly guaranteed work. Money has been one of those back of my mind stress-inducing things for a while now and I’m finally in a place where I feel good about my finances. I don’t think I knew how stressed it was making me until I felt the relief of not needing to worry.

8. Health

I have been really paying attention to what I am eating these past few months and it is making a big difference! I have been working out lots (pretty normal for me) so I have been making sure that I have enough energy to keep going. I also have been allowing myself treats and not stressing over that. Also, I have only been sick *knock on wood* twice this year and I think that eating well and exercising is a big part of that.

9. My Family

It seems that everyone in my family is going through this really good/happy time right now too! There are a lot of exciting things that are coming up for each of us and it makes me so happy to see everyone excited about new opportunities. Happiness must be contagious and I don’t know who caught it first but we all seem to be feeling good!

10. Schedule

To go along with finances – this is the first time since high school that I haven’t worked more than one job! Now I still do babysit, tutor, and pick up the occasional shift at my old job but I don’t have any regular shifts to be at and I can usually say no to those other jobs when I’m too busy. I think this has been a HUGE part of me feeling happier and just like the finances, I didn’t even know the stress relief until it was gone. I have way more time to spend on all of those other things that make me so happy!

What are you happy about these days?


8 thoughts on “Teachers’ Time Out – 10 Reasons Why I’m Happy

  1. Nice, I am happy about a trip to Maui I am arranging for my hubby and my best friend.
    I love spring and sun and warmth and daffodils and holidays for hard working teachers.

  2. So many great things going on in your life. I love the moments when we can sit back, appreciate, focus on the positives, and just smile. It sounds like you are in great spirits! Very exciting about your travel plans for the upcoming year and congratulations on feeling good about your finances (something that a lot of people have difficulties with). I’m with you on the weather – I’m happy to feel the warmth of the sun and knowing that spring and summer are right around the corner!

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