Summer Jobs Already?!

It feels crazy how fast the year is going but even more crazy is that it seems the time to start planning for summer is already sneaking up on us – Especially if you will be doing the dreaded job hunt!

I thought I would write about the summer job hunt today because I know it is a very common issue with new teachers and substitute teachers – What to do in the summer?!

I have done summer camps for as long as I can remember… Last year was supposed to be my first summer not doing them but I ended up running three weeks of camp at the end of the summer anyways. Looking ahead to this summer I’m not really sure what plans will be for work but I don’t feel as worried as I usually do.

This year I am being very intentional about the jobs I am looking at because I have a lot of awesome things planned this summer and I don’t want to forget to relax a bit too! It’s also difficult because most summer camp jobs require you the last week in June when I will still be teaching. I also don’t have a lot of other skills than working with kids… Seriously! The last time I had a job that wasn’t child/education related was… um… when I was 18! Which is great as a new teacher because I love all the non-teaching experience that I do have and it has made the transition into full time teaching a million times better.

But as for finding summer employment that won’t leave me completely drained heading back into the school year? I feel a little clueless. Those of you who know me are probably well aware that a serving job would not go over well because I honestly have trouble holding a cup of tea without spilling (even if it’s only half full!)

Another “common Meaghan problem” when it comes to employment is the mad panic that results in me taking every single job I get offered. One summer I worked 5 jobs… Yup – 5! I don’t even know how I fit it all in my day and the worst part was that I didn’t even have to work that much to pay the bills. There was absolutely no reason to be working that much – Never again!

Since I have a couple of family events and a trip planned this summer, I don’t really have the schedule to be a desirable new hire. I also might take some online courses if things go as planned, and I really do want to be able to have fun and relax in the sunshine too! Right now I am thinking that I will do some on call work (yes because I just can’t get enough of the unstable income throughout the year đŸ˜‰ ) with some of the summer camps I’ve worked at in the past and then keep up with babysitting and tutoring that I do throughout the year. But I have no idea if that will be enough work?

New Teachers – What do you do in the summer for work?

Is anyone taking any interesting summer classes?


One thought on “Summer Jobs Already?!

  1. With my job, I can always take on classes in the summer, however the pay is not as good. I always struggle with the summer months because the weather is SO GOOD that I want to take time off and have fun. I once took an entire summer off and it was amazing, but tough financially. It truly is difficult to find that “balance”. I like your plan of taking time for you, but also throwing in a couple smaller jobs.

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