Book Tale: Daring Greatly

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Ah Brené Brown… sigh… If you have been following us for a while you have probably heard mention of this author before. She was well connected with the research project I worked on and I’ve been trying to read her book for about 6 months now. Well I finally just made sure I left it by my bed and read a bit each night (not because it was hard to read, just because sometimes I find it hard to make time to read!)


This is honestly one of the best books I have ever read. It’s in the self help section but its so much more than self help. It’s self help. It’s teacher help. It’s family help. It’s relationship help. It’s community help. It’s world help… And I just can’t get enough!

She refers a lot to her previous book “The Gifts of Imperfectionism” but at no point did I feel lost having not read it. This book is about living wholeheartedly and fully living life. It focuses on vulnerability and fear, and how those affect every aspect of our lives.

There isn’t a lot that I can say about this book because I am far from eloquent when talking about these same issues but I will say that it has been a cause of transformation in my life – meaning that it made me stop and think about what I am doing and why and change a lot of my thoughts and actions. It has made me start to me compassionate to myself – something I’m realizing that I wasn’t very good at.

I do not read non-fiction very often, besides shorter articles. And I don’t even know if I can say I’ve ever been engrossed in a non-fiction book before? But this book I read from cover to cover and was hooked. I started going to bed early (not normal behaviour for this girl!) every night so that I could get a few extra pages in.

Just read it. Please.


5 thoughts on “Book Tale: Daring Greatly

  1. I have not had the pleasure of reading this one yet but have read 2 of her other books, including ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’. Also worth your early bedtime. She is amazing and creates joyful thinking, and asks us to be kind to ourselves. I might have to find this one for the weekend.

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