Kindergarten, Grade 8 or Both?

Over the past two years majority of my teaching (contract and TOC work) has been in grade 8, but another good chunk of that has been with those cute little kindergartners. In fact I could probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve worked in a class in grade 3, 4 or 5 – Strange isn’t it?

So today I thought I would play a little game with you – Kindergarten, Grade 8, or both? It’s pretty simple, I give you a scenario and you guess if it happened in kindergarten, grade 8 or both?


  1. Me asking, repeatedly “What’s your job right now?”
  2. A conversation about the effects our words and actions can have on other people.
  3. A student majorly over-feeding the class fish.
  4. A student refusing to a game because they were “it.”
  5. Constant reminders that it is cold outside and to dress appropriately.
  6. Two boys chasing each other around the classroom.
  7. Receiving artwork from students.
  8. Students saying “Thank you” to teachers at the end of class.
  9. Giving out bandaids for cuts and scrapes.
  10. Reminding students to wipe off their shoes before entering the building.

So how do you think you did? If you are familiar with both grades some of these were probably pretty easy for you…

  1. Both – All day, every day.
  2. Kindergarten – This is directly related to number 3.
  3. Kindergarten – Student A overfeeds fish, student B yells “he killed the fish”, student A cries, student B and I have a conversation.
  4. Grade 8 – “But I don’t want to be it! That’s not fair! Why can’t you choose someone else? I’m sick. My stomach hurts. I can’t run.”
  5. Both – Although probably more so in Grade 8 because “It’s not that cold” until we get outside and then it’s “why can’t we go back in – I’m freezing”
  6. Both – Kindergarten over a toy car, grade 8 over a pencil…
  7. Kindergarten – Although Karley has received some beautiful artwork from her grade 8’s I am lucky enough to get these…20140122-171526.jpg
  8. Grade 8 – I absolutely love this! I had never heard middle school aged kids say thank you to their teachers until my class last year but now I’ve heard it in quite a few classes at a few different schools – warms my heart!
  9. Both – And for relatively similar injuries when I think about it.
  10. Grade 8 – Probably because kindergartners have a change of shoes though…

So how did you score out of 10? Anyone have similar stories to share. I think it’s one of the best parts of being a substitute teacher – seeing all the kids/grades/schools and figuring out the similarities and differences.


3 thoughts on “Kindergarten, Grade 8 or Both?

  1. These were tricky! You just never know these days what kids will do or say (or how many times you will have to remind them). Numbers 2 and 8 have applied to some of the college students I have taught. To go along with 8, they also give me cards and food. 🙂 I bet it keeps things interesting teaching such different grades.

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