PLN Blogging Challenge


We were nominated for this challenge a while ago and after much back and forth writing here it is! For the challenge you are then supposed to nominate 11 other teacher bloggers but, well, we don’t know that many who haven’t already been nominated so we are skipping that part (flashback to chain letters in high school – we will probably be having 11 years of bad luck just a warning 😉 )

1. When did you first realize you wanted to be a teacher?

K: I was 16 and having a conversation with a teacher, who also happened to be a family friend. This friend had friends who were international teachers teaching and living in Thailand. The combination of teaching and traveling was enough information for me – I was sold!

M: It had always been in the back of my mind but it was actually during my experience in Katimavik that I decided that’s what I wanted to do. I got to volunteer at a daycare and an elementary school. When one of the teachers at the elementary school had me teach a lesson for her I was just hooked on the job!

2. What aspect of teaching gets you really passionate? Is it a subject, an activity, a connection…?

M: Hmmm… tough one! I get really passionate about a lot of teaching. I’m really on a role with sticking to my new three word motto right now: Creativity, Passion, Compassion. Those are the three things I want my students to have/find and that’s what I try to base my teaching on – Compassion probably being the main one I focus on because most of my teaching is short term and that’s where I always start.

K: For me it’s all about the relationships. Relationships between staff, other teachers in the district and my students. Some of the teachers I’ve met in the past few years have quickly grown to be some of my closest friends. I’m a relationshippy kind of girl, so this works for me 🙂

3. Your dream class pet would be…

M: A turtle!!! Because I want a turtle at home so badly but somebody doesn’t think that’s a good idea… okay, okay they do live like 30 years or something crazy like that but they are so cool! (Karley’s input: If Meaghan gets a turtle NOW, it could follow her around from class to class for the entire duration of her teaching career! Now that’s an excellent idea!)

4. What is one rather unusual but interesting talent or hobby you have?

K: Because of my gymnastics past I’m somewhat of a one woman circus…headstands, tossing and catching clubs with one hand…you get the idea.

5. Write a haiku.

Feet pounding pavement

A rush, sound, feeling, moment,

Wind blowing past me

6. What was your best holiday gift this year?

K: My husband bought me a new juicer this Christmas and we absolutely love it. My sister got me a giftcard for lululemon which I’ve already spent because I can never have enough luon!

7. What is the most valuable piece of advice you were given while on a practicum (or on a job working with students)?

K: Middle school students will think and react in the exact opposite way you expect them too. If you have a cool, exciting lesson play down the cool factor because if you think it’s cool they’ll think it’s lame. (Truest fact I’ve ever been told about middle school students!)

8. Your go-to tool in the event of a zombie apocalypse in your classroom?

K: The knowledge my students possess about zombie apocalyspes…

9. What would make math really exciting and interesting to you?

K: Math would be fun and exciting for me if my friend, and new teacher, Nicole Hulstein taught me! I’ve never seen anyone more enthused about mathematics, except for my high school math teacher – he and Nikki are both brilliant.

M: I’m a bit of a math nerd… it’s always exciting and interesting to me! I really like finding patterns that I didn’t know existed and finding new ways to do things. When students show me another way to answer a problem I get very excited!

10. What was your very first job?

K: When I was 12 I started working for my dad’s garbage company by counting and tallying the month end landfill receipts. This task took about two hours and I was paid by my dad’s company. The money I made never materialized in my bank account though because it was used to pay for my rhythmic gymnastics training.

M: I got a job as an intern for a summer camp – pretty sweet first job! I spent one month at a playground based daycamp when I was 15 and it was such a great time that I did it for the next.. um.. 9 years?!

11. Where was your favourite place to just sit, relax and think when you were a child?

M: I absolutely loved sitting by our fireplace at home with my parents. We used to take the couch cushions off and put them up against the brick and sit there while we read stories – simply the best!

Our last time sitting in that spot before my parents moved...

Our last time sitting in that spot before my parents moved.


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