Winter Break Q&A – Meaghan

Today I am grateful for the light and love of children in this world. There are so many times that the pain and suffering I see in the news or around us every day seems overwhelming but spending time with children whether they be students, friends, or family makes everything seem more worthwhile.

Heading into the last week of school before winter break we thought we would each do a little Q&A about ourselves and our teaching so far this year…

Best moment so far this year…

After the whirlwind of getting a dream job then losing it within a week the absolute best moment so far this year was walking back into the class I had been in originally. They were happy to see me and it felt like returning home to a class and a school that was ready to support me after a really tough week. It’s funny looking back on this as the best moment because at the time it felt so difficult but true support like that is so important in our lives.

Biggest challenge this year…

I get attached easily – to people, to places, to ideas. This year has been full of letting go for me so far and it has been challenging to handle this on a relatively constant basis. I’ve been in a few different classes and built relationships with different staff and students and then had to move on. I’m learning to appreciate the amount of people I get to meet by doing this but I can’t say that it isn’t difficult. I find the most challenging thing is to not let the hurt of saying goodbyes prevent me from putting my whole heart into the next place.

Differences from last year…

Learning the ropes has been huge in this teaching world. I have a better understanding this year of how things work on many levels and now that I’m back to being a substitute teacher I know how to handle myself better in regards to finding and keeping work. Last year I said no to half days in hopes of getting full days and then wound up with nothing – now I know to accept what I’m offered and things will work out. I’m also much more confident as a TOC (teacher-on-call) and I have learned how to put my own spin on day plans left so that I feel like a teacher instead of a babysitter – the kids notice when you put your heart in something.

Current mantra…

Live me. I am working hard on living by my morals and values in everything I do – and I’m far from perfect at this. By “living me” I am making decisions based on who I am as a person and not what I think is expected. It has helped me to let go of things a lot easier and helped me to prioritize the things in my life that are important.


Enjoying the Christmas festivities so far this season!

Plans for the break…

One of my favourite things about Christmas time is having a bunch of our closes friends return to town so there is always something going on. I can’t wait to spend days with the important people in my life! We will be spending lots of time with our families this holiday, including a few days at the mountain for some snowboarding. I will also be reading and running (I’m training for a half marathon).

Goals for the new year…

I have a few different goals coming up… I’m considering training for my first full marathon so that is a big one. It looks as if I will be a substitute teacher for the next little while so my other goals involve reducing my anxiety about getting enough work by looking at the bigger picture and knowing that although every day of seniority seemed to matter so much this year in the long run I’ll get there when I get there. As far as teaching goals go I’m actually not going to set any right now because I don’t know what my situation is going to be and I’m working really hard to live in the moment and appreciate what I have… Not the easiest for this dreamer!

I wish you all very happy holidays and we are so grateful for our readers – thank you for your continued support!


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