First Time for Everything


Today is my dad’s 54th Birthday! This morning my class and I called him on speaker phone (he was at work) and we sang to him…he liked it! My dad is one of my most favourite people because, as mentioned on my 4th Day of Gratitude, not only has he been an exceptional father to me and my sister, but he’s also been a father figure to many other youth. My dad is hilarious, innovative, smart in his own ways, and always up for an improvised song & dance (actually). Love you dad!

It’s my turn to be swamped in report card writing (Meaghan wrote about her reporting period back here).  I have to say, keen newbie that I am, I’m thoroughly enjoying this whole report card writing thing!  I do enjoy learning and my goodness, am I ever learning right now!  Meaghan explained how our district’s reporting process works in her post, so I’ll spare you all an additional explanation, but I’ve taken her advice and done most of my rough report writing on paper.  This means I’ve been going through all my marks, collecting missing work from students like it’s my job (oh wait, it IS my job…dang), sitting a LOT, drinking copious amounts of coffee and tea, and asking quite the truck load of questions.  It’s the question asking that’s been the most profound learning curve for me.  I like to be in control and I like to know what’s going on all the time; therefore, asking for help does not come naturally to me (go ahead, laugh now and know that this confession is coming from a humble place in my heart).  I’ve found myself asking for help during this reporting process on a daily basis.  I send several emails every day to various people in my school asking questions about what to do for this student, and what to write for that student…it’s time consuming for me and those I’m questioning, but I appreciate everyone’s patience, support and advice as I work my way through this reporting process.

This is how our living room floor has looked for the past week or so...

This is how our living room floor has looked for the past week or so…

My disgustingly overloaded desk and computer area at school.  It's looked like this for a few weeks now...

My disgustingly overloaded desk and computer area at school. It’s looked like this for a few weeks now…note: various cups of coffee on desk.

My school’s reports aren’t actually due until next week, but I’d like to finish mine tomorrow because I have several holiday festivities lined up for my weekend and they would be much more awesome sans lurking report cards.  Today was another relatively long day at school; science lesson that bombed and challenged my teaching more than ever before (more on that tomorrow), multiple behaviour related dealings and discussions and organizing 75+ grades 8s for tomorrow’s team bake sale (initiated by me, because why NOT?)  Today I drove to school with the rising sun and was at school until after sunset, which actually is pretty early these days.

Don't mind the harsh window reflection of my classroom, but check out my gorgeous sunset view!

Don’t mind the harsh window reflection of my classroom, but check out my gorgeous sunset view!

Today I also received this email from the Universe:


I love my daily notes from the Universe because lately they’ve been so spot on!  My thought after reading this note from the Universe this morning was: “those people” = my students and all their needs, “strangers” = the awesome reactions we’ve been getting lately surrounding feedback from our blog (thank you readers!), “friends placing on pedestal” = you guys all rock, telling me I’m doing a great job, “wild animals befriending” = my sister’s cat, who we are cat sitting, is essentially a wild beast, and Oprah calling?  Nope, that hasn’t happened yet.  I’m curious to see the continuation of my “greatest story yet”…

PS – I’ve received a few messages from people tonight asking how they can sign up to receive their own notes from the Universe.  Check out TUT (Totally Unique Thoughts) and sign up to start receiving your notes from the Universe! Thanks to my friend Karen, who I mention a lot on this blog because she’s that awesome, for getting me signed up on TUT a while back.


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