When the Phone Rings…

So if you have ever been a substitute teacher then these stories will probably be very familiar to you. Basically these phone calls can be work, rent money, grocery money, solutions to boredom, experience, seniority days…you name it! These calls become a large part of our life – whether we like it or not.

Meaghan is recently back on the substitute teacher train and it’s been an adjustment remembering to answer the phone at those key times. On Tuesday she was going to watch Catching Fire at the theatre at 6:45 pm but callouts in our district start at 6:30 pm and she was waiting for a call for the following day. Usually request calls come out first and so the hope was that the call would come in before the movie started so she didn’t have to be one of those “Tommy Texters” they warn you about at the beginning. So you better believe that the cell phone was in hand at all times! And then Meaghan decided to go to the bathroom just before the movie started – but of course she brought the phone with her so as not to miss the call! The second she put her hands under the tap to wash up guess what happened? Oh yes! The phone rings… She quickly managed to hit the answer button and tried to dry her hands fast so the call wouldn’t time out before she could enter her pin. With dry hands and time to spare, Meaghan calmly picked up her phone – and in doing so, ever so smoothly she swiped that red “End Call” button – Ahhh!! With a squawk and a mumbled explanation/apology to everyone around her she turned and ran back into the theatre where her boyfriend would be getting the back up call any second. Now running in a movie theatre is no easy task – think people dodging and sign obstacles. Luckily she got there just in time to give an (oh so friendly) “ANSWER YOUR PHONE” yell at him and all was good in the long run…

So what are the odds of your On Call Phone Calls coming in at the most inopportune times? Pretty likely it seems! Here is our compiled list of some the funniest/most unfortunate stories of answering those important calls (from ourselves, friends, and colleagues)…

1. The Early Riser – It’s 6:45 am and you get up to go to the bathroom when you hear that phone start to ring. In a groggy, disoriented effort to run back to your phone in time for the call – SMACK! You end up running head on into a post.

2. The Teachable Moment – While tutoring an emergent reader, you notice him about to have a major reading breakthrough! He is about to sound out a whole sentence for the first time and then – RING – Oh just hang on a moment with this monumental occasion because I’m a teacher on call and this is my life.

3. The Search for Service – It’s call out time and you find yourself in a location with no bars on your phone. What do you do? You search high and low for that one spot that you can get enough reception to not miss out on a days work – even if it means putting your phone in a flower pot!

4. The Kiddie Clutch – While babysitting, nannying, or tutoring, you hear the sound of your phone ringing and realize you don’t have your phone. When you look around you notice that a small child is holding it about to press who knows what? Your normally calm, kind, patient, caring self becomes a panicked, screaming, mad man/woman yelling “Give me my phone” at a young innocent child… It’s happened to the best of us.

5. The Drained Battery – Let’s just say there is NO worse time for your phone to die (and, Heaven forbid, be stranded sans phone charger) than 6.30pm.

6. The Stupid Cell Phone Being a Cell Phone – Your phone rings, you successfully answer your phone, you even have the chance to type in your pin to accept tomorrow’s work…and then the kind robot on the other line says “beep beep beep…I’m sorry, the call has been dropped”. Your jaw drops and you stare at this ridiculous piece of technology that quite literally is your entire sustenance and scream, “ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!?” And then you curse your service provider because, dang it, you DO pay your phone bill every single month, on time, and this is how they choose to repay you. *note: dropped calls are not the responsibility of the school district.

7. The Experience of Driving Between the Sacred Hours – Driving between 6.30pm and 8.30pm is the worst, especially when there is a police officer cruising behind you and work is on the other line. Pick up the phone to receive work and use the money you’ll make to pay the ticket you’ll inevitably get? Tough call. (Ps – not all of us have fancy enough cars with Bluetooth capabilities!)

8. The Mind Blank – When you look at the time and realize its 8:00 pm and you have NO IDEA where your phone is and haven’t had it on you at all. When you finally dig it out there’s that moment of silent prayer before you check to see if there is a missed call or not… Sometimes you’re lucky and sometimes you’re not.

We wish you all a great weekend! Thanks for reading.

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