And the reason is…

If you’ve been reading for a while then you know the story of how my fall has gone… Subbing in September, received a 3 week contract at the end of September, 2 weeks into that I got my first full time full year contract, 3 days into that I lost the job in a grievance, returned to my original 3 week contract for the last two days, got extended in that contract until… Today!

So long story short – It’s been an emotional tornado of a year for me! And back when I wrote this post about losing my “dream job” I said that I knew it happened for a reason but I wasn’t sure what that reason was yet. I had a lot of advice and kind words from so many people who told me that some of the reasons were showing my strength, that writing that post and connecting with people was another reason, that getting through tough times is what makes us who we are… And you know what? I wholeheartedly believe in all of those reasons. But today I realized that the real reason was for this…


For these AMAZING, challenging, kind, struggling, beautiful souls that I had the absolute pleasure of teaching for 9 weeks. This class has changed who I am as a teacher – and I am so utterly thankful for that.

I’ve worked in “inner city” schools, run programs for at risk youth, and I’ve worked in subsidized housing projects… Nothing was like this class though. And it wasn’t because they were tougher than the average class or that they were all from crazy home lives. This class has changed my perspective but not just because they went through tough things. Although they went through very tough things that I can’t write about here, these events were all familiar to me, unfortunately, and some affected individuals or small groups, while other events affected the entire class.

What was different? During the past 9 weeks we helped each other (along with the support of an amazing school staff) to get past these things and as a classroom community we were stronger for it in the end. This was not my first tough class, and I know and hope that it will not be my last because when you go through the tough stuff together you become a support system for each other. Myself for the students, the students for each other, the students for me. I saw students support one another in ways that I would not have even dreamed of in my first week with this group.

And saying goodbye was so hard today. Not just because I wanted to stay and teach. Not just because I loved the school and staff I was able to work with. It was so hard because I have to leave this amazing community of support that we had built together and all I can do is hope that what I’ve done there will help to guide these beautiful kids through the rest of the year.

I am grateful. I am honestly, 100% grateful that I lost my “Dream Job” back in October.

Because the universe knew that this grade 8 class was the right place for me to be.


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