Half of a Year, Full of Gratitude

We are so excited because today marks six months since the launch of our blog! The past half year has been a whirlwind for us from the end of our first year teaching to the beginning of our first full time jobs. There have been so many highs and a few lows, and we are so very thankful for all the readers we have that have joined us on this journey. We are so very appreciative of the comments and feedback we are getting on a daily basis from colleagues all over the world.20131108-181238.jpg

This has truly been an amazing experience for us and we wouldn’t be where we are today without all of you. In return for the constant support of all our readers we are offering 20% for our half year at our store on TeachersPayTeachers. So check out our products and let us know what you think – There are a few freebies on there as well!

Also stay tuned for some exciting new changes coming up in the next little while. We won’t tell you yet but we are very excited about some of these developments!

And along with the new here is what each of us thinks is the best of the old…

Karley – 3 Favourite Posts

1. Speaking Up – My Story – This one was tough for me to write because I was pretty concerned about how our readers who are part of my gymnastics community would receive this post (ego in full force, I know). Thanks RG community for the support and love that stemmed from me publishing this post and thanks to all our other readers, too, for your kind words. You people are all so great!

2. Travel Tales – Teaching in Thailand – We haven’t done too much with “Travel Tales” on our blog yet, but we’ll get there in due time. I really loved writing this travel tale about my teaching experiences in Thailand because I got to wander down memory lane and dig up the old photos of my husband and I just doin’ our thing in South East Asia. Travel + teaching = winning combination, in my mind. We would go back in a heart beat.

3. Guest Post – The Courage to Lead – Soooo…this one I didn’t write, but my dear friend/educational mentor/VP from last year, Nadine Naughton, wrote it and it is a beautiful piece of writing concerning the courage it takes to be an effective and inspiring leader. Nadine is truly a warm, caring, giving and incredibly courageous leader (one of the best I know!) – if you haven’t given her guest post a read, I highly suggest you do so right now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us here on Tale of Two Teachers, Nadine. Much love!

Meaghan – 3 Favourite Posts

1. Coming Undone – I loved that sharing my story honestly allowed for so many open conversations with people. I was overjoyed by the responses I received and it moved me to tears to think of how important finding connection is in our world. It is those connections that have made this hold blog adventure such an unbelievable experience!

2. Guest Post: Parent~Teacher~Student – I was absolutely thrilled to have my dad guest post on our blog. The whole parent relationship piece of teaching is very new for me and probably many other new teachers and so I think it was really nice to get another perspective and it was also our first guest blog post – something that we really have been loving ever since!

3. You Know You’re a Substitute Teacher When… – This post was just absolutely hilarious to write! We chose the top ones for our post but we had a ton of great ideas coming in from other teachers. This was one of my favourites to write and it seemed to be a reader favourite too! Keep sending us your ideas for this and maybe you will see a part two coming your way soon!

We are so grateful for all of you! Thank you for taking the time to stay tuned in with us.

What have been your favourite posts?


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