Don’t Make Me Use My Teacher Voice!

So many things have changed for us now that we are “officially teachers.” Most of them are amazing, some of them are difficult, and some of them fall into that category of pretty comical. Today we’ve decided to put together a list of things that have changed since we’ve started using those teacher voices everyday…

Hey Girl

Meaghan’s List
1. I wake up and get up before 6:30 am. Now this may be normal for some of you but this is far from my normal. I used to have a rule about waking up before 7:00 and it was don’t do it unless there was a plane to catch or an emergency. I would prefer to show up in sweatpants with my hair piled on top of my head than see that number 6 on the clock. And now it’s my normal morning… I’ve even seen the 5 on occasion!

2. When I get mistaken for a 14 year old I’m no longer frustrated by it… Yes this happens a lot! Especially on the phone because I sound like I’m about 6 years old on the phone. It used to make me so annoyed but now I don’t really care. On our field trip today I was told to go ask my teacher to call the kids in. But now I’m actually a teacher (not a student teacher) so I don’t really care. I know I have a job, I know I have respect, so I laugh and take it because it also means that I get compliments at how responsible and mature I am.

3. My teacher voice comes out more than I would ever care to admit. Whether its giving directions while in the car or trying to get my friends attention at a party… It’s pretty much constant! I even gave my boyfriend a 3 second countdown yesterday when he was annoying me… It just came out and I didn’t even realize I was saying it! (But hey it worked so that might become more frequent…)

Karley’s List

1. My ego has undergone a reform, and I like it. Back in my pre-teaching days I used to think I was right all the time (this sounds so terrible to admit, but I’ll honestly say that my nickname when I was little was “Constable Karley”…just let that sink in for a few minutes). Maybe this quality didn’t come across in an outward expression all that often, but in my mind I was often thinking that I “was right” and that someone else “was wrong”. In the past few years I’ve come to seek advice and ideas all the time from other people (educators) I admire. These days I’m constantly thinking, “What would ___________ do in this situation?” or “How have I seen ___________ deal with this?” I don’t think this is a bad thing; I think this shows that my character has changed because of some excellent modeling and coaching in the realm of education. Thank you, educational mentors – I love you!

2. Joel says my hyperboles and exaggerations have increased tenfold since my teaching career officially began. The man has known me since I was 17, so I think it’s safe to say…he’s spot on.

3. My ability to: tune in and out of conversations, focus on one specific thing and/or 47 different things (at the same time), and my tolerance level in general have all improved since day one in the classroom. I know these skills will, like fine wine, get better with age, but I feel pretty good about where I am at right now with my multitasking, multi-conversation having, multi-tolerating even the most ridiculous things abilities. Note: One fine example of my increased tolerance levels is the fact that today I tolerated the student who referred to me as “Carly Rae Jepsen”…all day long. I’m currently in “choose your battles” mode in my new classroom. Being referred to as Carly Rae isn’t all that bad…I mean, with Meaghan sounding like Demi Lovato and me as Carly Rae, I think we’d pull off a sweet concert?! Call me, maybe!

3 thoughts on “Don’t Make Me Use My Teacher Voice!

  1. Teaching definitely changes you! I have to be careful not to give very clear, slightly patronising instructions to my husband because I’m so used to explaining what I want my class to do!

    Interestingly, over the years I feel I’ve become more caring and have developed the pastoral side of my role hugely. I wasn’t expecting that!

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