Teach it Tuesday: Review Games

For this Teach It Tuesday I thought I would talk about some of my favourite activities for reviewing material. These can be used for a variety of different scenarios but I especially find them useful when I’m subbing and I’m unfamiliar with the material (think high school physics for this elementary/middle school teacher!)

Stand Up, Sit Down

This is a simple true or false activity I learned at a workshop that I’ve just adapted to fit my teaching. If the students think the answer is true they stand up and false they sit down. I do a few examples with “get to know you” type questions when I’m subbing (“My favourite colour is blue”). I either come up with my own questions ahead of time or I have students work in partners to come up with their own 10 questions to do for the class. I explain to students ahead of time that they may be called upon to justify their answers and then I call on one or two students to explain their choice each round.


My spin on this classic review game just gives the students some extra review. I assign a different category to each group and have them come up with 5 questions ranging from easy to hard for their section. They are usually pretty good about choosing the difficulty because they want fair questions when it’s their turn to answer. This activity works best when you have a double block so that it’s for sure the same kids in each group.

Math Board Game


This is an activity that I learned on my practicum. I only use this activity for math but I’m sure you could adapt it to another subject. First you draw a simple board game outline on the board and add a couple move ahead a square, move back a square type things (with younger students you can add things like “do 5 jumping jacks”). Then I give out a review sheet or a mad minute type sheet. For every 6-10 questions (decide based on problem difficulty) they answer they can come get it marked and if they have them all right they get to roll a dice and move along the game board. If you have student name magnets they work great for this, otherwise I just have them put their initials up beside the square that they are on.

What do you do for review activities with your students?

Any ways of making Jeopardy review games less work for the teacher?


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