You Know You’re a Substitute Teacher When…

After a quick poll of friends and coworkers we compiled this list – all of these have been done/thought by one of us. You know you’re a substitute teacher when…

1. You hope to be woken up well before your alarm goes off

2. You are out for a romantic dinner date with your phone sitting right beside you just in case

3. You answer a telemarketer call 8 km into your run because it might have been a day of work

4. You choose the aisle seat at the movie theatre in case you need to run out to answer your phone

5. You find your teacher business cards in every pocket of every bag you own

6. You don’t know if the tall male walking into your class is a student or the assistant

7. You crawl back into bed fully dressed in work clothes because you haven’t got a call yet but haven’t quite given up hope

8. You have to park next to a car full of students because the staff lot is full

9. You are eating your lunch in your car while desperately trying to get to your afternoon school before the bell

10. You regularly field questions like “How old are you?” and “Can I have your snap chat name?”

11. You know within the first 5 minutes the names of the students you will have to talk to multiple times before recess

12. You get really good at your one go to lesson


My pop out hand art (from Pinterest)… I can probably make one of these with my eyes closed by now!

13. You love when you can turn your phone off at night because you already have work the next day.

14. You get excited when you answer your phone and it’s an automated voice on the line

15. September is super stressful even though you don’t have anything to do

16. You seem to either have too much work or not enough

17. Your clothes come from the same stores as your students’ clothes

18. You become a master of every subject (or you can at least fake it!)

19. You recognize at least one student no matter where you go in public

20. You stress about how you shouldn’t be stressing right now

What would you add to our list? Comment and we will add to our list!


2 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Substitute Teacher When…

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