Second Day: Staying Afloat.

I. Am. Exhausted.

This morning my alarm went off and in three seconds this is what went through my mind: Why am I getting up right now?  What am I doing today?  Do I actually have to get out of bed to do something today?  Oh right, I have to be at school today!  Oh…it’s a full day.  Oh my goodness, are you joking me?  I have to go to work for a FULL DAY!?

I’m not even kidding you, that’s exactly what went through my mind as soon as my alarm went off.  I was totally and utterly confused.  Thankfully I quickly figured out what was going on and managed to make it to school with tons of time to get ready for the day.  All in all, today was a great day!  We still didn’t have our advisory classes (that’s coming tomorrow), so I got to spend some more time with the students I had in my room yesterday.  What a fantastic group of kids!  We went through a bunch of housekeeping notes this morning and I made them practice a fire drill, an earthquake drill and even a lockdown drill.  After the housekeeping things we played some community building games, had a grade assembly, did a school wide corn shucking activity (fasted way to shuck 500 ears of corn!), did a writing activity, got books from the library and played more games.

Despite the fact that today was fantastic and the students were out-of-this-world awesome, I almost cried about five different times.  I’ll be 100% honest when I say I am overwhelmed right now.  Being a fairly new teacher, starting up her first class ever, the learning curve for me right now is insanely steep (in the uphill direction!)  The hardest part of this start up, so far, is the unknown.  I’m already building relationships with my colleagues and students and not knowing if this will even be my job is a whole different emotional roller coaster.  That being said, I have had some great conversations in the past few days with people who know their stuff – one of those people is my dad.  Last night my dad told me over the phone that I: think too much, analyze things to death and am probably driving my husband crazy with my crazy teacher antics.  Dad’s right.  I need to go one day at a time right now and enjoy what I know will be an amazing next few weeks with these phenomenal colleagues and students.

To keep ourselves on track and somewhat sane, Meaghan and I decided to go for a short run after school today.  Of course with our minds all wrapped up in school, I forgot socks (she bailed me out), and we both forgot our run belts.  We have no idea how far we ran, but 25 minutes of exercise was all we needed to clear our minds after school today.  I don’t think I’ve felt THAT GOOD after school…ever.  I kind of want to run after school every single day now.

Feeling the endorphin rush after a long, exhausting, but awesome second day of school.

Feeling the endorphin rush after a long, exhausting, but awesome second day of school.

As soon as I got home from school and our run I snuggled my cat.  He’s only six months old and for the majority of his life with us we’ve been around for large parts of the day.  He’s driving us crazy right now and we think it’s because we’re gone for most of the day.  Immediate snuggles help him calm down (and let’s be honest, they help me calm down too!)

He's not that fat in real life, I promise.

He’s not that fat in real life, I promise.

Our homemade Mac n’ Cheese comfort food dinner is almost ready! Taking a deep breath and taking the night off…Meaghan will update tomorrow.


One thought on “Second Day: Staying Afloat.

  1. I almost have to work out after school to stay sane. Of course a lot of days I have to do mornings just because of time (or the fact that it’s still so hot), but I have to do something — a walk, stretching– after work to decompress. Sorry your job situation is still up in the air. That has to be incredibly frustrating. But it sounds like you’re doing a great job in spite of it.

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